The Actor Who Plays Young Kate In 'Firefly Lane' Looks So Different IRL

by Ani Bundel

Firefly Lane follows the This Is Us model of time-jumping through the decades, covering the myriad facets of the relationship between main characters Kate and Tully. From the beginning of their friendship to 2003, fans see how the two have stayed BFFs through thick and thin. But unlike This Is Us, which has three casts of children, teen, and adult leads, Firefly Lane has only two: Adult Kate and Tully, and Young Kate and Tully. Fans are pretty familiar with the actors who play the adult versions of the women, but what about the teens? It turns out, you may have seen them before, too. For example, Roan Curtis, who plays Young Kate in Firefly Lane, has been in several series already.

Both Adult Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Adult Kate (Sarah Chalke) are well known to viewers. Heigl rose to fame on Grey's Anatomy before becoming a rom-com queen, while Chalke was a primary lead on Scrubs. Meanwhile, Curtis' teen scene parter, Ali Skovbye, who plays Young Tully, came up via The CW before landing roles on Amazon and Hallmark.

Similarly, Curtis also started in guest roles on The CW, from Smallville to Supernatural, along with a few stints on short-lived shows like Bionic Woman on NBC. Her first regular series role was over on Hulu, playing Emma Gilbert in the drama Shut Eye, before getting cast as Sylvia in SyFy's fan-favorite The Magicians.

Firefly Lane is Curtis' first significant breakout role, putting her front and center of the drama. But fans might be surprised when checking out her Instagram and other social media to discover the actor looks nothing like her character Kate. Part of that is Firefly Lane's period costuming, makeup, and hair. (The eyeshadow budget alone must have been massive.) Young Kate is saddled with the big feathered hair of the era and gigantic granny glasses that spend half the time precariously about to fall off her face. Even though Curtis is blonde IRL, she's got a totally different vibe going on.

Fans will likely get to know Curtis more as 2021 continues. She's starring in an upcoming movie called Gold Digger Killer; fans also hope she'll be back should Netflix greenlight Firefly Lane Season 2.