Here's What We Know So Far About 'Firefly Lane' Season 2

by Ani Bundel

Firefly Lane, Netflix's newest family drama, is based on the book of the same name by Kristin Hannah. Although it takes a non-linear path through the lives of main characters Tully and Kate, who have been BFFs for 30 years, it covers several of the same decades as the novel, from when they first meet in 1974 to their lives reaching a crossroads in 2003. But with the final episodes ending on multiple cliffhangers, fans are left wondering: Will Firefly Lane get a Season 2 at Netflix?

Warning: Spoilers for Firefly Lane Season 1 follow. There have been lots of book-to-screen adaptations that have been major hits for TV and streaming, including Big Little Lies, The Handmaid's Tale, Little Fires Everywhere, and The Queen's Gambit, just to name a few. But all of these adaptations have one thing in common: They use up the entirely of their source material by the end of Season 1. That makes it a bit difficult for shows that get renewed for a second season, since they have to come up with more plot to cover what happens next.

Firefly Lane, on the other hand, was clearly planned ahead to make a second season (and maybe even more after that) possible. Instead of using up the whole book, Season 1 only tells half the story. For example, one running flash-forward scene that plays throughout the season shows a near future in which Tully and Kate are no longer speaking and haven't been for some time. But the fight that brings on this estrangement, which is one of the novel's most significant turning points, is never actually shown in Season 1.


It's not the only cliffhanger the show leaves dangling in the finale. There's also Kate's husband Johnny, an embedded journalist in Iraq, who may or may not be dead after a landmine blows up his platoon.

And that's not getting into the events of Firefly Lane's actual sequel novel, Fly Away. If the show's creators choose to adapt that too, the series could go on for multiple seasons.

Netflix has not indicated one way or the other if a renewal is in the cards for Firefly Lane yet. But with a whole second half of the novel still to cover, it's hard to imagine the series won't at least get at least one more round of episodes, if not more.

All 10 episodes of Firefly Lane Season 1 are now streaming on Netflix.