'Firefly Lane' Fans Have 1 MAJOR Question About Kate & Tully After Season 1

by Ani Bundel

The interfolding timelines in Netflix's Firefly Lane can sometimes make piecing together the past and the present difficult. They also leave fans with a lot of questions throughout the season. Like: Will Tully sleep with Johnny Ryan behind Kate's back? Or: Who is the funeral for that the show keeps returning to? But the biggest mystery that fans wait for the entire season to uncover is: What happened between Kate and Tully to it them against each other?

Warning: Spoilers for Firefly Lane Season 1 follow. From early on, it is clear that whatever happened between New Year's Eve at the end of 2003 and the funeral in 2005, something big shifted. Kate and her daughter Marah are on their own, with no Johnny around. Tully is gone too. And once viewers learn Tully is still alive in 2005, it becomes apparent she and Kate are no longer speaking after 30+ years of friendship.

Their rift, although sad, was inevitable. As close as Kate and Tully have been, there was so much that went unspoken between them. There were so many times when Kate bent to Tully's will rather than stand up for herself. There were so many times when Kate got what Tully wanted by merely existing. The inherent drama within Firefly Lane is the building toward the anticipated moment when this highwire act of 30 years finally collapses.


The final scene outside the funeral, in which the two women confronted each other, was the big payoff. But there's also bad news: Due to the way the show tells the story in a non-linear format, no one knows why the estrangement happened in the first place. This means Firefly Lane has set up a new mystery for a second season.

As of Feb. 3, Netflix has not greenlit Season 2, but that's par for the course. Even massive hits like Bridgerton had to wait a full month before Netflix officially announced another round of episodes. But clearly, the show is planning on telling more of Kate and Tully's story. And fans now have an excellent reason to demand Netflix make more episodes.