Who Is Pieper On Matt's 'Bachelor' Season?

Here's Why Pieper Has A Unique Advantage With Matt On 'The Bachelor'

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Season 25 of The Bachelor just premiered on Jan. 4, but fans are already trying to guess who snags the Final Rose. One of the best parts of getting a new cast is picking new favorites to root for, and Piper on Matt's Bachelor season is looking like a contestant who you should get to know. It turns out, the 23-year-old grad student might have actually been ~born to be~ with Matt.

Viewers first met the Oregon native on the premiere episode when she walked out of the limo in a stunning, one-shoulder blue dress. While Matt was clearly taken by Pieper's beauty, it's what she said that really sealed the deal. The limo entrances are one of the most important components of the show, because it's how the lead — and the viewers — get to meet the contestants. First impressions are key here, which is why you'll often see people dressed silly, rolling up in unique rides, or giving the lead a special gift.

The goal of a bold entrance is to make the Bachelor remember you, and Pieper did just that upon exiting the limo. "My dad always wanted my sisters and I to keep our last name, which is 'James,' she told Matt (whose last name, obviously, is also James). "So, I'm very happy to be meeting you." Pieper's strategy must have worked, because she walked away with a rose after the first ceremony.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

But what else is there to know about Pieper besides her last name? According to her ABC bio, she has "a wonderful family who has supported all her endeavors" and "loves her grandma the most in this world." Matt made it clear how close he is with his fam, so the two definitely have that in common.

From the looks of her IG, when Pieper isn't hanging with her grams, she's probably traveling, working out, or modeling. She's repped by a few difference agencies, including Q6 Talent and Models, and even did a campaign with Nike last year.

With her education in marketing and flourishing modeling career set, Pieper's now looking for an S.O. Her bio says she "needs someone with confidence and someone who knows what they want in life" and "values independence," since she's passionate about having her own space.

Even though there's still a lot of time between limo entrances and potential proposals, it looks like Pieper could be on a solid path to joining another James family.

Season 25 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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