Yep, There's A Reason This 'WandaVision' Character Looks Familiar

by Ani Bundel

WandaVision begins as a series that parodies classic TV shows. The first episode, which hit Disney+ on Jan. 15, is a straight recreation of The Dick Van Dyke Show, with two closed sets and minimal cast. Episode 2 (which also premiered Jan. 15) expands the world into a Bewitched-style series, with a whole neighborhood of side characters. There are Dottie and Beverly, there's Dennis the mailman, and there's... Geraldine? Westview's newest resident became fast friends with Wanda by Episode 2's end. But fans are super confused, because this is not who actor Teyonah Parris was supposed to play on the show. So, who is Geraldine in WandaVision? And does she tie back to Parris' originally announced character, Monica Rambeau?

Warning: Spoilers through WandaVision Season 1, Episode 2 follow. There's a lot of changes to Westview between Episodes 1 and 2. Wanda and Vision's house gets a second floor, for instance, and the clothing styles update from the late '50s to early '60s. The commercial break in the show switches from Stark Industries appliances to HYDRA branded watches. Wait... what?

Even if the commercials and the sudden flashes of color in the black-and-white world weren't enough to hint WandaVision is not what it seems, Geraldine would be a big red flag. Unlike the rest of the neighborhood, who firmly behave as typical '60s sitcom characters, Geraldine made cracks about alcohol. Moreover, she admitted to Wanda she's not sure what the heck is going on, making her the only person outside of Wanda and Vision to recognize this world is not right. It may have helped Wanda and Geraldine bond as new BFFs, but it also suggests there's more to Geraldine than meets the eye.


And then there's that little matter of real-life casting. Parris was introduced as part of the WandaVision cast with great fanfare in 2019 at San Diego Comic-Con, when she revealed to be playing the adult version of Monica Rambeau. Fans met the young version of Monica, the daughter of Carol Danvers' BFF, Maria, in the 1990s-set Captain Marvel.

Although there weren't many details at the time of this announcement, in present-day 2021, the 30-something Monica is following in Danvers' footsteps, working with the world's foremost superhero-focused agency. So why is she in WandaVision's twisted TV world and calling herself Geraldine? Is she undercover? Or is she there to work with Wanda? WandaVision's mysteries seem to multiply everywhere you look.

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