This Tiny Detail In 'WandaVision' Might Be The Key To The Show's Mystery

by Ani Bundel

WandaVision begins as a mystery, both for fans and the main characters. Wanda and Vision have moved to Westview, but they don't know why. They don't remember where they came from or anything about their history. That's because there's no history to line up with; as fans will remember, Vision died in Avengers: Infinity War. So, are these even the real Vision and Wanda? If they are, who put them here? Does Wanda know who they really are? Moreover, what's the logo Wanda keeps seeing in WandaVision? Whatever it is, it seems to be breaking their reality.

Warning: Spoilers for WandaVision Season 1, Episode 2 follow. In the Jan. 15 premiere, Wanda and Vision both seemed to be utterly confused about how they got to where they were. And yet, they knew to pose for the camera as the credits rolled at the end of the episode. In Episode 2, their black-and-white world changed, although they seemed not to notice. Their modest home was traded out for a larger, two-story house. The front door was in a different spot. Their clothing changed from late '50s fashions to mod mid-'60s looks.

And the world suddenly has color, though not because it necessarily should. The first hint of color is a red-and-gold helicopter Wanda found on a black-and-white bush. It looked like Iron Man's suit, but the logo was wrong. There was a long thin line in the center of a circle.


The second dash of color came after Wanda had an emotional outburst that shook the world. Wanda was set off by hearing a voice through the radio trying to reach out to her, asking, "Who's doing this to you, Wanda?" Meanwhile, Dottie, the head of the social scene, cut her hand on the glass she was holding. The blood was again Iron-Man red.

The final outside disturbance gave fans a good look at what was frightening Wanda. The episode began and ended with funny sounds outside the house. In the opening scene, Vision declared it came from a tree branch on the window. But the second one was louder, scraping, frightening, especially since Wanda had just announced she was pregnant.

When they exited the house, something strange happened. In the middle of the street, the utility cover slowly opened, and out of it came a man in a HAZMAT suit, surrounded by buzzing insects. His suit bore the same circle logo from earlier in the episode. He looked directly at Wanda, to which she replied, "No." And then the world rewound to erase the man out of this story.

If they were able to catch it among all the chaos, fans who watched the final season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will realize they've seen that mysterious image before. It's the logo for S.W.O.R.D., S.H.I.E.L.D.'s sister agency. The letters stand for "Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division."


But what does S.W.O.R.D. have to do with Wanda and Vision being trapped in this world? Did they put Wanda here? Is she part of their experiment? (Her abilities surel fall under "Sentient Weapon.") If so, why is she erasing them?

Fans will have to wait to find out more in future episodes of WandaVision, which hit Disney+ on Fridays.