There Are Only 4 Girls Left On 'The Bachelor' & They're All Getting Hometown Dates Next Week

By Laura Rizzo

We're heading to hometowns, y'all. Week 7 was wild, and Arie made a few huge decisions. Before we get invested in the final four, it's important to know who goes home on Week 7 of The Bachelor, and (more importantly) why. Get all the details down below.

The contestants who left during Week 7 are: Bekah M., Jacqueline, and Sienne. Better luck in Paradise, ladies.

The episode started with the women and Arie is Tuscany, Italy. The landscape was gorgeous, delicious wine was everywhere, and love was brewing.

The episode started with a one-on-one date between fan-favorite Becca and Arie. The two explored the city, tasted cheese and salami, and had a romantic candlelight dinner (where no one ate anything). There was also a lot of making out. The takeaway from this date: Arie and Becca admitted they are both falling for each other, and Becca received the rose. That means Arie will be headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota to meet her fam.

The biggest twist occurred when Jacqueline started having a mini-meltdown over her future with Arie. In her defense, they had only had one date, so how is she supposed to be sure about their relationship? Long story short — she wasn't. Jacqueline ended up boldly marching up to Arie's hotel room to have a chat. After their amazing one-on-one date in Paris, Jacqueline was being beaten down with uncertainty. It resulted in her choosing to leave because she wasn't ready for hometowns. Just to reiterate — they only had one date at this point.

Goodbye, Jacqueline, we hardly knew you. Although it was a very tearful goodbye, Arie still had a few more women to sort through.

Following the one-on-one with Lauren B. during Week 6, Arie decided to have another date with the blonde during Week 7. If you're new to Bachelor nation: Two one-on-one dates in a row is very rare. Much like his date with Becca, Arie and Lauren explored Tuscany. They ate gelato and played soccer with some of the local children.

Although they were a little more comfortable with each other, it was kind of a replay of last week. Lauren was still being closed-off and Arie wasn't sure if this meant she wasn't into him.

However, things got completely cleared up when Lauren told him she thought she was "falling in love with him" during dinner. Once again, a dinner where no one was eating. Arie admitted to falling for her, too, and gave her a rose.

Two roses down, two to go.

Sienne had her time in the sun during another one-on-one date. I freaking love Sienne — she's gorgeous, smart, and well-spoken. #SienneforBachelorette. They had a lovely time taking in Italian culture while truffle hunting and having lunch at a family's home in the countryside. Unfortunately, Arie didn't think his relationship with Sienne was progressing fast enough, and he sent her packing. People weren't feeling Arie's decision.

Couldn't agree more, Twitter. That left the group date with Bekah M., Tia, and Kendall. There were only two roses, but three contestants. The suspense was intense.

The gang went to drink champagne at a mansion. It looked beautiful outside, but this date was all about the conversations. Of course, it wouldn't be a group date without a little drama. Tia ended up confronting Arie with her concerns about Bekah. Basically, she said she didn't think Bekah was ready for marriage because of her age.

Tia was the most straight-forward contestant in history and told Bekah right to her face exactly what she said. This made Bekah erupt in tears, and ran for comfort to Arie.

After everyone settled down, Arie gave the first rose of the day to Kendall. That brought it all down to Bekah and Tia.

After an awkward two-on-one dinner, Tia ended up scoring the rose and securing her spot for hometowns.

It was a dicey week, but Arie will be meeting Tia, Kendall, Lauren, and Becca K.'s families during hometown week. What will unfold from there? I literally have no idea.

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