Here Are All The Guys Becca Sent Home On Week 4 Of 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/Paul Hebert

Things are heating up for Becca on The Bachelorette Season 14. The leading lady is seriously connecting with some standout guys, but as those relationships are blossoming like an inflorescent rose, others are as wilted as that hanging fern you always forget to water. Who went home on The Bachelorette week 4? Becca said goodbye to two of her suitors at the top of the hour, but that wasn't the end of the eliminations.

Episode 3 didn't have a rose ceremony. There just wasn't enough time after all that Clay drama when the professional NFL player had to leave for an very unfortunate reason. After giving his all on the field during the Becca Bowl, he sadly broke his wrist. To make matters worse, he got the rose! But Clay needed to put his health first and go through with the operation as to not jeopardize his career's future.

Even though she had already endured Clay's heartbreaking premature exit, Becca had to make some tough choices herself.

There was also that whole shocking David-falling-out-of-the-bed incident lingering, though apparently the chicken-suited contestant is doing fine. Even Chris Harrison is making jokes about it now...

David made his triumphant return prior to the rose ceremony, but his comeback was not without conflict. Jordan was not pleased.

"David’s in a hospital bed, so smells like victory,” he said before David walked in. Well, David got a rose before the ceremony even began, and Jordan... got gold hot pants from Becca. These two are not exactly best buds.

“I may not have a male model face at this point, but I have a rose, b*tch," David declared. Game ON.

"I'm ready to go through this and do the ups and downs and ride the waves," Becca told the guys in her little pep talk before launching into the inevitable. So, who was sent packing?

In a tense elimination (aren't they all? Even when they're not, they somehow are) the guys who didn't get a flower were... Mike and Ryan.

"Man Bun" Mike is a pro football analyst, which is an interesting sidenote considering much of last week's episode was devoted to just that — football. Ryan made a memorable introduction on "After the Final Rose" when he serenaded Becca with his adorable banjo stylings. Unfortunately, it seems he couldn't fully strum his way into her heart.

Poor guys! They were this close to making it to Utah. Well, time for Becca to head to a snowy wonderland with the rest of the bros and things are about to get icy.

But wait! There’s more! ABC blessed us with two rose ceremonies tonight, so it was double the drama.

Becca’s visit to the Beehive state was full of stings, even though there was still time for romance along the way. She went on a successful one-on-one with Garrett that involved bobsledding, frolicking in the snow, and getting real about one another’s pasts. The two of them hit it off swimmingly and Garrett even confessed he was “falling for her hard” by the end of the date.

“I feel so secure with Garrett I trust him so completely. He gets me. I just feel like I could see him at the end of this” Becca said at one point.

Then she went on a group date that involved an under-the-radar sport — lumber-jacking. It’s one of Becca’s fave pastimes and she proved she’s pretty good at handling an axe along the way. Some of the guys were good… some not so much. But they had fun until the after party, which involved a heated convo between Jordan and Colton. Colton apparently has no time for gold underwear-donning “clowns” such as the house’s resident male model, and they got into it.

Which brings us to a shocking moment. Jean Blanc, who stated he was “ready to get his woman” at the start of the episode, decided he needed to make a serious move. So he gave Becca a fragrance.. and told her he was falling in love with her. Becca just wasn’t there yet, and thus decided it was time for him to go. Another one bites the dust tonight... Jean then explained to her that he thought he was saying what she wanted to hear, which was probably not the best remark because all Becca wants out of this process is honesty, you guys! She's so over men not knowing what they actually want.

It was Wills’ turn to go on a one-on-one with Becca next even though she felt “off” after everything that went down with Jean Blanc. Fortunately they were able to focus on each other and spend some quality snow time cuddling by the fire, ultimately lifting Becca’s mood. Wills opened up about a broken relationship and they bonded over the hope of finding love after heartache. Aaaaand Wills gets a rose.

Because Becca knew what she needed to do there was no cocktail party before the rose ceremony.

Becca. Means. Business.

With that, Nick and Christon were left without roses in the final moments of an exhausting hour. Christon noted he and Becca “were on two different paths” and Nick said “there was a lot he left on the table.” Sigh.

Viva Las Vegas, Bachelor Nation!