Here's The Mastermind Behind Princess Eugenie's Naturally Glowing Wedding Day Makeup

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On Friday, Oct. 12, Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and subsequently solidified herself as my favorite royal of all time. From her tiara to her hair to her makeup to, of course, her beauteous gown, Eugenie pulled out every stop in the best way possible. We can gush over how absolutely stunning her gown is a little later, but first, let's answer the question on everyone's mind: Who did Princess Eugenie's wedding day makeup?

According to People, Princess Eugenie recruited the help of Bobbi Brown UK pro and artistry manager Hannah Martin to do her wedding day glam. (Damn, she has great taste.) While Eugenie looked flushed and glowing to perfection, her makeup look played up her natural features quite well. Her natural complexion shined through thanks to just the right amount of foundation coverage, her rosy cheeks colored up her look beautifully, and her soft pink glossy lip rounded out the whole shebang.

But outshining all of those details were Eugenie's eyes:

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Opting for a lighter shadow that still brought tons of definition to Eugenie's actual eyes, Martin perfectly executed the idea of emphasizing Eugenie's beauty, rather than going overboard.

The showstopper when it came to her eye makeup, though? The lashes. Eugenie's lashes were bold, voluminous, and fanned out to perfection, opening her already big, bright eyes right up even more.

Another strong player in Eugenie's eye makeup game was her brows. The royal has rocked arguably the boldest set of eyebrows in the whole royal family, and today was no different. They were beautifully arched and perfectly shaded, easily blowing the bushier brow trend out of the water.

Tell me you're not gonna print this picture out and take it straight to your makeup artist on your own wedding day:

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Eugenie singlehandedly kicked the term "blushing bride" up several levels:

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But wait. We can't talk about Eugenie's phenomenal makeup without bringing up her equally phenomenal wedding day hair. People reports that hairstylist at Hari's salon in London, Sonny-Jo MacFarlane, was the mane master behind Eugenie's updo. Styled into a low chignon bun, Eugenie's hair was perfectly polished; however, the curled tendrils hanging around her face gave the overall look a more modern feel. In fact, the modern yet polished vibe feels, to me, like the perfect combination of the two looks we often see from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle when it comes to their hairstyles.

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All right, let's wind down with a look at Princess Eugenie's gown, shall we? The bride truly shocked everyone when she stepped out in an astounding gown designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos for British design house Peter Pilotto, as this is a designer most weren't expecting. From the dress' off-the-shoulder neckline to its wide open back to the floral appliqués covering it, Eugenie, Pilotto, and De Vos made sure this gown was the prime combination of traditional and modern elements, as well as personal touches.

Finally, rounding out Eugenie's full wedding look as a surprising tiara. While many (including me) expected her to don the York Tiara, which her mother Sarah Ferguson wore on her own wedding day, Eugenie thought differently. The sparkling headpiece she decided on is none other than the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara, which Queen Elizabeth lent to her for her big day. With several shining diamonds around the entire crown and huge, statement emeralds embedded throughout, this tiara is prettier than I can ever hope to be.

Needless to say, with all of these elements — makeup, hair, dress, and tiara — combined, Eugenie blew everyone away.