Where To Go On Spring Break, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Spring break is just around the corner, which means the clock is tickin' for you to get your travel plans in order. So, how will you decide on a destination that matches your oh-so-unique spirit, and that offers a little more stimulation than your run-of-the-mill resort trip with the gals? Well, lucky for you, I've come up with a simple guide that tells you exactly where to go on spring break this year, all based on your zodiac sign. As a Taurus, for example, I say, what on Earth is the point of a vacation if it's not going to be a sensual paradise, you know what I mean?

That being said, if you're a little too tight on money this year to plan a full-blown spring break trip, trust me, I hear you. If that's the case, consider this list inspiration for a spring break travel plan in the years to come. Even if you simply decide to take a trip to your all-time favorite museum this year, or treat yourself to a tasty dinner at a fancy restaurant, it never hurts to put a few dollars into your piggy bank now, so you can prepare for an epic spring break vacation in the future.

Happy planning, zodiac jet-setters!

Aquarius, Indulge Your Foodie Side In Siena, Italy
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aquarius, you spend so much time in your own head that you need an opportunity to go somewhere that's all about enjoying your senses. And what better destination than Siena, Italy?

Go where the food will be piled high on your plate, the olives will be fresh, and the wine will be freshly squeezed from a nearby vineyard before it overflows your glass at the dinner table.

Pisces, You Love To Be By The Water
Adventure Story on YouTube

Go to where you came from, Pisces — the water! And I'm not talking Cancun or a cruise. I'm talking somewhere you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the salty air and some delicious Mediterranean food.

Elafonisos, an island off the coast of Greece with unbelievable beaches, is your ideal destination. The population is small, but it gets very crowded during the summer months, so spring is your best opportunity to take it all in.

Aries, Get Amazed By A Marine Park In Thailand
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You're always up for an adventure, and this year is no different, Aries. Deep on the eastern gulf coast, you'll find Mu Koh Chang National Park in Thailand, a marine park made up of a close-knit collection of about 50 islands. Get yourself a Mangrove Bungalow in Bailan Bay, and relax on a hammock before you go out and explore your surroundings.

Taurus, Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico Will Be Your Jam
SierraCountyTourism on YouTube

Yes, Truth or Consequences is the real name of this ridiculously affordable spa town.

Indulge in your love of all things luxury by simply spending a few days being pampered. Rooms at Blackstone Hot Springs begin at a very reasonable $85 a night. That's relaxing in and of itself, amirite?

Gemini, Nairobi Literally Has It All
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Gemini, when it comes to planning a trip, you often have a difficult time choosing between a city and some wildlife.

Well, if you head to capital city Nairobi, Kenya, you won't have to decide. Along with a vibrant nightlife, you can head to Nairobi National Park, a breeding ground for black rhinos that also happens to be known as Africa's safari capital — pretty epic, no?

Cancer, The Orcas Are Calling For You
rontukwila on YouTube

You are definitely all about traveling in a pack of loved ones, Cancer, so rent a house in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington where you can hunker down, play board games, drink beer, and make delicious pots of soup after you spend the day being blown away by all those incredible whale sightings.

Plan Your Way To Paris, Virgo
GlobeTrotterAlpha on YouTube

You run a tight ship, Virgo, but the gorgeous city of Paris will have enough history and art to keep you walking and shopping until your heart's content. Sit back and delight in the delectable cuisine for which "the city of lights" is known.

Party It Up In Nashville, Leo
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Every chance you get to party, Leo, you party, so you are definitely a zodiac sign who will be screaming "spring Break!" in Nashville this year, all while donning cowboy boots, drinking whiskey, and learning to line-dance to a new live country band every night. Yahoo!

Sagittarius, New Orleans Offers Everything You've Ever Wanted
Tar Mar on YouTube

New Orleans is a city that has just as much history as it does partying, and that balance couldn't better for you, Sag.

2018 is all about expanding your horizons, so don't let this lively and lovely city intimidate you. Book yourself a cheap and super kitschy motel with your pals, and enjoy!

Libra, You'll Be Blown Away By Osaka, Japan
Red Dragon Diaries on YouTube

You're a lover of beauty and style, Libra, so pinch a few pennies and jet off to Osaka, Japan, a destination known for both its architecture and vibrant culture — oh, and its absolutely delicious street food, in case you're interested in that, too.

Scorpio, Go Big Or Go Home In The Galápagos Islands
Fred Heiman on YouTube

The Galápagos Islands will be a good match for the water element in you, Scorpio, and a little bit of snorkeling is sure to please that brave spirit of yours. Plus, you'll be blown away by the incredible, diverse species of plants and animals to be discovered here, many of which are unique to this one area of the world. Not bad, right?

Capricorn, How About A Stroll Around Prague?
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Cap, you have a brilliantly classical mind, and there's no better destination I can think of for you than Prague. Set your focus on seeing as many castles as you can, then relax with a cold beer, and practice all that Czech you learned before your journey with the locals.

Enjoy your trips, my friends!