The SKIMS Essential Bodysuit Collection Is Coming, & It's Full Of Layering Basics

Courtesy of SKIMS

Kim Kardashian West is dropping bodysuits, y'all! This is not a drill! If you've seen the most recent post on her solutionwear brand's Instagram page, you're no doubt wondering when and where to get the SKIMS Essential Bodysuit Collection, and I'm here to talk about it in great detail, because I'm obsessed. I live and die for a fab bodysuit, so this is one SKIMS collection I'll be setting a reminder to shop. OK, I do that for all the SKIMS drops, but that's beside the point!

IDK when or how bodysuits started infiltrating the fashion world; all I know is there came a point and time when, from then on out, I refused to wear anything else. Why would I waste my precious time tucking in a top and settling for a bunchy look when a sleek bodysuit could save the day? Kim K has definitely played a huge role in making neutral bodysuits a fashion Do, so I can't say I'm surprised to hear she's releasing some of her own via SKIMS. "You guys have seen me wearing these for the longest time," Kardashian admitted in a video on the SKIMS Instagram, noting that the three styles and four colorways are meant to act as a "second-skin" layering piece.

All in all, three new bodysuit styles will be hitting the SKIMs site come Jan. 21 at 12p.m. ET, and each will be available in four shades: Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, and Sandstone. Each piece retails for between $68 and $78. "They're really really soft, but they're kind of compression, too," Kim explained in her video.

First up is the Long Sleeve Mock Neck Bodysuit, which will retail for $78:


This fit features a raw hem neckline and a full-cut bottom for coverage. All three of the styles have snap closures at the ahem, base, for convenience.

Next up is the Long Sleeve Crew Neck Thong Bodysuit, also $78:


Yup, this is the one I'm buying. I'm not a big turtleneck girl, and I ~hate~ bodysuits that aren't thong bottoms. I don't need additional pantylines, people!

Last but not least is the Sleeveless Crew Neck Thong Bodysuit, which will retail for $68:


This piece is the very definition of something I'd be annoyed to splurge on, but then reach for so frequently that my cost-per-wear would be well beyond worth it. Again, loving the thong bottom! To shop all three new styles, hit up the SKIMS site come Jan. 21.