I Guarantee You'll Be Obsessed With This Adorable Minnie Mouse Makeup From Dose Of Colors

There's only one thing I love more than a themed makeup line, and that's old school Disney. This year, it seems the Disney gods and the beauty gods have united in an attempt to blessed me, as there's been adorable, cartoon-themed collections dropping left and right. I have a favorite range in mind, of course, and if you'd like the deets on where to get the Dose Of Colors x Minnie Mouse Collection, I'll fill you in, buy only if you promise to let me place my order before yours. I'm head over (yellow Minnie Mouse) heels for these products, and I don't want to miss my chance to snag them before they inevitably sell out.

Not sure what collection I'm talking about? Oh, just the gorgeous red and white products that have been littering your Instagram Explore page since they dropped on March 18. Yeah, those. The 8-piece collection has everything you need for a Minnie-inspired glam, with ample sparkle and tons of bright red, natch. There's a Mickey Mouse-inspired line by DOC, too, but I'm Team Minnie, so let's get back to the good stuff.

When they first launched the collection, I couldn't have been more excited:

"OMG," "Did you see???," and "I need this ASAP," were just some of the DMs I wrote to my friends along with the image. The collection boasts one palette, three lippies, one pair of false lashes, and three glitter eyeliners, so even though it's all inspired by one bare-faced mouse, it's pretty well-rounded.

Red lips are always a classic look, so really, what's not to love? Irreplacable Liquid Matte Lipstick ($18, is an obvious must-have:

And hi, these eyes? The Minnie Palette + Blush ($39,, Glitter Eyeliner in "Dazzling," (, and Minnie Lashes ($15, are a triple threat:

Okay, let's talk where to buy. The collection dropped March 18 on the Dose of Colors website, and will go live on the Ulta site on April 21. Come May 5, you'll be able to swatch it all IRL, when it hits the shelves at Ulta stores.

If you need some convincing before then, allow Instagram to sway you:

"Ordered! So excited. I am not a makeup girl but had to have this palette. It’s gorgeous. I am looking forward to giving it a try," commented one user excited over the launch. "And I thought my two favourite things in the world would never combine, then bam. Makeup & Disney all in one," wrote another, and girl, same here. It's like we dreamed it up!

It's a plain and simple fact that our girl Minnie Mouse has always had style:

See those lashes? No wonder the collection included a pair of falsies! Talk about length, girl!

And while it's cute that Minnie's red lipstick left a mark on Mickey's face, I'm glad the Dose of Colors option is matte and won't transfer:

If you're a huge Disney lover or have one in your life, I don't think I need to convince you any further. Head over to the DOC site to shop the collection now, and be on the lookout for when it hits Ulta!