Peep This Latest Crocs Collab & Tell Me It's Not The Cutest

Crocs x Peeps

Please stop what you're doing and peep the cutest frickin' shoes you've ever seen in your life. A veteran of a Really Good Collab, Crocs has teamed up with Peeps, your fave marshmallow brand, to bring you the collection of your (read: my) dreams. The line will be available come Tuesday, March 3, and if Crocs' past collections are anything to go by, these adorable shoes are gonna sell out as quickly as you can blink.

Announced on Crocs' Instagram on Thursday, Feb. 27, the collaboration includes special-edition Crocs' Classic Clogs in three springy colorways: baby blue, bright yellow, and hot pink. Definitively more exciting than any part of this collection, though, are the color-coordinated, Peeps-shaped Jibbitz charms. Never in a million years did I think I'd actively pre-check my bank account to make sure I had enough money to buy three pairs of Crocs with Peeps coming out of them, but there's a first for everything.

According to a Facebook post from Peeps, the collection will be available at local Crocs retailers on March 3, but it's unclear if that means all local Crocs retailers (including sellers other than brick-and-mortar Crocs stores) and if the shoes will also be available online. I recommend peeping (I'm sorry) both Peeps' & Crocs' Instagram for even more details on availability.

Crocs has been on a roll recently. No, that's literally not an exaggeration. In mid-February, the brand announced its collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken, which naturally gave way to chicken-covered Classic and Platform Crocs. In January 2020, the brand announced actress Priyanka Chopra as its new face, complete with aspirational lifestyle images of Chopra lounging in a boho-chic apartment wearing an orange cardigan and match Croc slides. No, that is not a made-up scenario.

Even before those truly mind-boggling collaborations, Crocs hit the mainstream again by way of multiple collections with Post Malone. The rapper's designs sold out almost instantly every time, sometimes retailing for hundreds of dollars on third-parter sellers. I'm willing to bet Peeps x Crocs won't be far behind.