Priyanka Chopra Is The New Face Of Crocs & I Can't Believe It, Either

George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

Y'all, please believe me when I say I'm a fan of taking fashion risks. Even so, I truly don't know how to feel about the news that Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Crocs. Between her love for Nick Jonas and her affinity for Crocs, I'm starting to think this '80s baby is really an early 2000s kid at heart, because honestly, I did NOT see this collaboration coming. Congrats on the new gig, Pri!

I can't deny that the actress looked beyond gorg in her first promo photo for the brand, in which she leaned oh-so-casually against wooden steps lined with plants while wearing a super-cute fuzzy orange cardigan with matching orange Crocs. Rather than the iconic clog silhouette, Chopra paired her cardi with the Classic Crocs Slide in Cantaloupe ($30, Crocs), which are still available on the brand's site in all sizes, should you want to steal her look. Instead of showing off the perforation atop the slides, Chopra added that extra-special touch with the brand's Jibbitz charms, some of which included a strawberry, a donut, and the letter P. Who doesn't love a little extra personalization? She better have another pair with charms of Nick's initials, too, I'm just saying! NJ for life.


Never did I think I'd spend my personal time wondering whether Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas relax at home in matching couples' Crocs, but here we are. I need a joint Crocs ad, you two! Why, over the course of the duo's multiple marriage ceremonies, did Crocs not work their way into at least one of Chopra's many ensembles? A missed opportunity, to say the least.

Actually, maybe she did wear them. Her beautiful dresses were so long and heavy, I can't tell what footwear might be underneath. Why not a comfy Croc?


Chopra isn't the only celeb participating in Crocs' new "Come As You Are" campaign, though. While Nick Jonas isn't on the list, actresses Zooey Deschanel, Suzu Hirose, Yang Mi, and singer Kim Sejeong are all Crocs ambassadors. In a press release from the brand, Terence Reilly, the Crocs Chief Marketing Officer, sang Pri's praises. “Priyanka embodies the ethos of ‘Come As You Are’ with her unique and expressive style and fashion sensibility," he said. "As the campaign transitions into empowering people to proclaim and express their one-of-a-kindness, she will be a beacon for how some of our newest 2020 collections can be uniquely styled to suit individual personalities and lifestyles, showcasing that being yourself, being comfortable and looking stylish are not mutually exclusive.” Will 2020 be the year I buy a pair of Crocs? Chopra's cute orange look is tempting me, I can't lie.