This '80s Punk-Inspired Collab Between Barney's & Crocs Is Something, Alright


There are eccentric fashion collections and then there are eccentric fashion collections. The Barneys x Crocs collaboration is of the latter variety. Launching June 19, it's comprised of a lineup of rubbery clogs that somehow toe the line between geek chic and punk rock cool, proving that paradoxes can, in fact, exist in wearable form. Forget everything you thought you new about Crocs — this collaboration is truly far out.

As explained in a press release by Michelle Poole, Crocs’ Senior Vice President and Chief Product and Merchandising Officer, “Barneys and Crocs are both icons, but in very different ways, and that’s what makes this collaboration so exciting and unexpected. It’s the perfect combination of style and comfort that offers consumers a truly unique form of self-expression.”

Calling the collaboration unique is definitely an understatement. Inspired by the New York 80s punk scene, the five styles within the lineup have been decked out from toe to heel with loud prints, metal hardware, rubber charms, silver spikes, crystals, and more. Yes, they're as visually loud as they sound. They're the kinds of shoes you might expect Baddie Winkle to rock in her latest photo shoot thanks to their campy vibrance, so if you don't take fashion too seriously and love to turn heads, you might want to snag yourself a pair.

There are two pairs of clogs within the collection that are very similar and differ only in their main color ways. You can shop them in electric pink or white, but both styles feature a cheetah print slingback strap and rubber charms including a glittery lightning bolt, leather jacket, lips, lipstick, a banana, a taxi cab, and more. Where my New Yorkers at?

Both styles retail for $70 — shop the pink ones here and the white ones here.

And now, onto the exceptionally punky styles.

The spiked-toe rubber clogs ($90, arrive in a black color way, with metal toe caps featuring giant spikes making quite the edgy statement. A chain runs from the toe of the shoe back to the slingback strap, which has been outfitted with silver charms.

Next are the blue punk studded rubber clogs ($90,, which feature a pattern that looks like multi-wash denim. Black rubber patches featuring protruding silver spikes and studs sit on top of each shoe, while silver studs line the slingback strap.

The collection rounds out with the black punk studded rubber clogs ($90, Featuring a black color way and toes that have been embellished via mountainous silver spikes, rubber patches reading "Resist" and "Attack," rubber lions heads, jewel charms, and more, they certainly make a strong impression. Silver spikes and chains adorn their slingback straps, giving the shoes and almost spur-like detailing.

What do you think? Would you rock the bold collection? Seeing as Balenciaga and streetwear brand Pizza Slime have also released collaborations with Crocs as of late, there's no question that the clog brand is trendy. The question is whether or not it's the right trend for you.