Boy Smells Just Dropped 3 Valentine’s Day-Inspired Candles & I Can't Pick A Favorite

Courtesy of Boy Smells

I'm only halfway through the abundance of holiday candles I impulse-purchased in December, and even though I've got quite a few left to burn, I'm still wondering where to get the Boy Smells Valentine’s Day Collection. Can you blame me? Boy Smells has some of the most gorgeous packaging in the game, and their new V-Day scents are some of their most ~romantic~ yet.

While I'm partial to Redhead, one of Boy Smells's signature scents, I'm pretty thrilled at the sound of the three new limited-edition scents coming out in honor of the ~day of love~. Single or not, you'll be dying to stay in on Valentine's Day and light "Jade Vert," "Dynasty," or "Rosalita," all of which are shoppable now on the Boy Smells website as well as select retailers, for $36 a pop. If you're not into the lovey-dovey, hearts aesthetic of the holiday, you'll be relieved to know that the brand decided to package these with a Candyland-esque striping that's far more chic. Don't get me wrong, I love a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but I'm trying to burn these sweet-smelling candles long after Valentine's Day has passed, so I need them to look year-round cute.

First up is "Dynasty," which the brand describes as a fresh floral:

Courtesy of Boy Smells

While the other two candles are brand-new scents, "Dynasty" is actually a beloved reissue, with notes of rhubarb, woods, cyclamen, pink peppercorn and tulip. Count me in.

Next up is "Rosalita," a more woodsy floral:

Courtesy of Boy Smells

The most sterotypically "Valentine's Day" in its bubblegum pink jar, "Rosalita" has notes of Turkish rose petals, saffron, cassis, leather, cedarwood, and amber.

Last but not least, earthy "Jade Vert" rounds out the trio:

Courtesy of Boy Smells

"Jade Vert" is a refreshing green scent, with notes of mint, fig, daffodil, cypress, juniper berry, tarragon, and basil. If you're solo on V-Day, I highly suggest snagging yourself one of these incredible candles to enjoy on a cozy night in — and if you're in a relationship? Skip the flowers and candy and treat your significant other to a gorgeous candle instead! Then, cancel the fancy reservation at the expensive restaurant and have your own cozy night in together, and enjoy your generous gift as you do. It's a win-win, people. To shop them now, hit up the Boy Smells website.