Tati Beauty's Blendiful Is Going To Change The Way You Apply Your Makeup

When I first heard that one of my fave YouTubers was starting her own cosmetics company, I was thrilled. When the first product lived up to the hype in my head? I was even more psyched, which is why I'm more than curious as to where to buy Tati Beauty's Blendiful Tool, the brand's second launch and the current apple of my eye. The Textured Neutrals Palette Vol. 1 was a huge hit, so I have the utmost faith that Tati Westbrook's second product will be just as incredible — if not better. I can always use another blending tool, y'all!

When Westbrook mentioned a Textured Neutrals restock in a recent YouTube video, she oh-so-casually spilled the tea that a new product would be dropping on January 10 as well, and believe me, I screamed when I heard the news. Finally, the day has come, and the Blendiful has been announced. Just one day before giving fans an in-depth look at the newness, Westbrook shared a sneak peak of the packaging on Instagram, and fans made out the words "1 Blendiful and 1 Baby Blendiful," guessing right away that Westbrook would be dropping makeup sponges. Close, but no cigar. The Blendiful is more of an oversized, puff-like tool.

"A lot of you guys were thinking it was more makeup, but this tool is such a necessary item to create a perfect canvas very quickly, effectively," said Westbrook in the reveal video, adding that shoppers will be able to buy a set of two, one Blendiful and one baby Blendiful, for $18. Unlike the classic Beautyblender sponge, the Tati Beauty tool is more of an oversized powder puff, ideal for a variety of uses, from baking to blending harsh lines.

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

At this point, I'm a full-on Tati Beauty stan. Westbrook does not disappoint! To shop the new tool as well as the Textured Neutrals restock, hit up the Tati Beauty website on January 10 before all the goods are gone. Is it too early to be excited for the brand's future third product? At this rate, I just know it's going to be something amazing all over again.