When Does Tati Beauty's Second Product Launch? Something New Is Coming


When a new brand's debut product sells out and gets a ton of positive reviews, the pressure is on to release a second product that lives up to the original hype. While it's unclear what it'll be at the moment, the case of when Tati Beauty's second product will launch has been solved, and OMG, I can hardly wait. YouTuber Tati Westbrook already owned successful supplement brand Halo Beauty when she decided to try her hand at color cosmetics, and after a massively successful first palette launch, it's clear she's got no intentions of slowing down. Tati Beauty is here to stay and here to slay in 2020, y'all!

UPDATE: Tati Westbrook revealed the name of her second product in an Instagram teaser post on the Tati Beauty account on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020. The product, "Blendiful," is a set of two products — "1 Blendiful and 1 mini Blendiful" according to the photo of the product in the post. Westbrook said she'll reveal the product in a YouTube video come Thursday, Jan. 9, before the product officially drops on Friday, Jan. 10 on the Tati Beauty website. Many fans believe Blendiful will feature beauty sponges, and a trademark for "BLENDIFUL" filed by Tati Cosmetics in July 2019 supports this theory.

Tati Beauty

EARLIER: With a whopping 9.6 MILLION subscribers on YouTube, Westbrook never needed to launch her own brand, so when she announced Tati Beauty and the Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette back in October 2019, fans knew it had to be something special. "I know what I'm creating is top notch. I have such a clear vision for what I'm doing," Westbrook said on her Instagram Stories just before launch day, and she wasn't wrong — fans went wild for Tati Beauty, and the palette quickly sold out. Now, the beauty community is patiently waiting for the brand to announce its second product, and we've finally been blessed with some specifics. According to beauty insider Instagram account TrendMood, we're just days away from drop number two.

Alexa, set a reminder to shop Tati Beauty on Jan. 10! In Westbrook's most recent YouTube video, "The VERY BEST MAKEUP of 2019," she hypes up her Textured Neutrals Palette (duh) amongst other faves, and hints at what else fans can expect. "What's around the corner is gonna blow your mind," she tells her viewers, noting that while there are more palettes in the works, the next drop won't be one of them.

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

I have to wonder whether the next drop will stick to eyes or branch out into a new category. Lips, perhaps? Westbrook is a stickler for a good lipstick formula, so I'd love to see what she comes up with. Unfortunately, there are no other deets as of now, so be sure to follow Tati Beauty on Instagram and keep an eye on Westbrook's YouTube channel for any sneak peeks or updates.

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