Here's Where You Can Get Free Ice Cream On National Ice Cream Day 2018

I'm a total sucker for freebies. I love taking complimentary soaps from hotel bathrooms, I'd never dream of missing out on free restaurant mints, and, most importantly, I will always accept free ice cream — no ifs, ands, or buts. If you're like me and you absolutely love free stuff (and obviously ice cream), here's where to get free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day 2018. I'm definitely not missing out on getting one (or five) of these frozen treats.

Even though I'm down to eat ice cream literally any day of the year (yes, even in January), it's safe to say that July is peak ice cream season. This year, National Ice Cream Day 2018 is going to be celebrated on Sunday, July 15. As you'd imagine, most major ice cream brands and shops are going all out. Between BOGO deals, free cones, and even free ice cream from your dog, there is absolutely no way you won't feel totally stuffed with creamy deliciousness by the end of the day. Fellow lactose intolerants, get your Lactaid ready, because Sunday is going to be one dairy-filled day. As an amateur ice cream connoisseur and freebie lover, I'm beyond stoked.

Cold Stone Creamery
coldstone on Twitter

Customers who sign up for Cold Stone rewards can get BOGO cones on Sunday, according to Those who already have an account can also get a coupon for the deal. Also, on July 15, the company will be offering free $10 eGifts with the purchase of $30 in Gift Cards online, which the company announced on Twitter. So, if you were planning on buying some gift cards in the near future, Cold Stone might be the way to go.


Customers who download the Baskin-Robbins mobile app on July 15 will be able to get in on a ton of exclusive offers, from anything like BOGO Cones, BOGO 99-cent sundaes, and even $2 off medium milkshakes. Also, the 31-flavor ice cream shop will be debuting their original Freak Shakes, which include a Unicorn Freak Shake, an Oreo n' Cookies Freak Shake, and a Donut Shop Freak Shake. YUM.


Aside from nuggets and fries, McDonald's sells some pretty dope soft serve. So, obviously, they're going hard for National Ice Cream Day. On July 15, the fast food giant is offering free vanilla soft serve cones to anyone who downloads the McDonald's app, according to Buzzfeed, so it's definitely worth the pit stop. Find your closest participating location here.

carvelicecream on Twitter

Carvel recently announced on Twitter that they would be celebrating National Ice Cream Day with BOGO cones and cups of soft serve all day long. As a longtime soft serve fan, you know where I'll be this Sunday: creamy soft serve paradise.


National Ice Cream Day shouldn't be limited to humans only, right? In honor of the holiday, dog-walking app, Wag!, is offering free dog-safe ice cream to any and all furry pals in New York City's Central Park Dog Park area from 2-6 p.m., according to a press release. As you'd imagine, I am so about this offer.

Halo Top
Halo Top

Halo Top Creamery will be offering fans the chance to try their latest and greatest flavor, Peanut Butter & Jelly, for free. According to a press release, on July 15, the first 1,000 people who follow this link and enter code HALOTOPPB&J at checkout will get a free pint, so make sure to get there at lightning speed.

Dairy Queen

Of course Dairy Queen is getting in on National Ice Cream Day, (because, duh). If you download the Dairy Queen app and register for an account, you can get a free small Blizzard at any participating location on July 15, according to USA Today. The offer is limited to one person, and for whatever reason, it isn't valid in Texas. There's also reportedly going to be weekly offers through the app, so it's definitely worth the download.

As you can see, National Ice Cream Day deals aren't limited to free cones. You can get discounted milkshakes, BOGO soft serve, free Blizzards, and even free cups for your dog. Regardless of where you end up going, I'm absolutely positive you'll be satisfied (and feeling cool).