Lady Gaga's Makeup Line Will Debut With A Pop-Up In Vegas, So BRB While I Book A Flight

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Get ready, people, because the beauty industry is about to be shooketh, courtesy of another major celeb launching a makeup line. Lady Gaga is in the house — or, should I say, the "haus." If you've been keeping up with the rumors and want to know where to buy Lady Gaga's Haus Beauty makeup line, the brand is finally sharing some of the answers fans have been waiting on, and OMG, I'm seriously so excited. Gaga has been serving major looks all 2019, so there couldn't be a better time for her to enter the beauty industry and make a major impact.

Just in case you're out of the loop and didn't know this was a thing, know that Gaga's makeup line has been in the works for quite some time. Just last year in 2018, Gaga's company, Ate My Heart Inc., filed a trademark for Haus Beauty, and the industry has been patiently waiting for Gaga to bless us with some products ever since. The singer-songwriter-actress-superwoman works very closely with her personal makeup artist, the ultra-talented Sarah Tanno, and when Tanno updated her Instagram bio with the description "Make-up Artist | Haus of Gaga," fans grew even more confident that the line would be over-the-top incredible.

After all, when has Gaga ever done anything that wasn't over-the-top incredible?

Everything she does is major, including all her beauty lewks, therefore a fantastic makeup line just makes sense:

So, what are the new updates? The Haus Beauty website is still blank, save for an email sign-up section, but Lady Gaga's YouTube channel now lists a Haus Laboratories channel as well, with zero videos but 22,000 subscribers and counting, all patiently waiting for that first upload. In addition to this, the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently shared some interesting news on how to shop the brand when it launches. Gaga totally killed it in Vegas with her residency at the Park Theater, and she's apparently decided to begin her career as a beauty brand creator there, too. The Las Vegas Review-Journal claims that Gaga will be launching a pop-up boutique at the Park Theater at MGM Grand in Las Vegas this May. So soon, right?

Me trying to figure out how I can afford a flight to Vegas next month:

Between Rihanna's successful makeup line, Fenty Beauty, and Gaga's new venture, I can't wait to beat my face with products created by my favorite celebs-slash-beauty-icons. Allow me to paint a picture of my wildest hopes and dreams: Lady Gaga and Rihanna drop a collaborative album, and along with it, a makeup collab that launches Haus of Beauty with a Fenty crossover, à la KKW Beauty debuting via a collab with Kylie Cosmetics. A girl can dream!

I wonder if the products Gaga has been wearing to events lately are all Haus Beauty prototypes? Fingers crossed everything she used for this bold look is included the company's first drop:

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Celebrities have been inspiring makeup trends for years, so it makes sense that they'd want to get in on the action and sell the actual products they make famous via their red-carpet looks. I love that all my favorite singers are also bad*ss female entrepreneurs! The grind never stops, so fingers crossed we get an official announcement from Lady Gaga on Haus Beauty soon, because the products aren't even out, and I'm already prepared to stan.