You Can Buy Ariana Grande's Ponytail Extension From Her 'In My Head' Vid For Only $45

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I was never much of an extensions gal until I tried on my first clip-in ponytail and turned into Ariana Grande in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, I felt bomb AF, and I couldn't stop swishing, stroking, and snapping photos of my pony. My expension of choice just so happens to be inexpensive AF, so when I started researching where to buy Ariana Grande's ponytail extension from her In My Head video, I was beyond excited to find out that she's wearing the exact same one. Spoiler alert, Ari's Vogue-approved ponytail will cost you just $45 to snag, so yeah. Safe to say this baby will be selling out at some point today. Get shopping, people!

If you aren't familiar with INH Hair, or Insert Name Here Hair, it's time to get aquainted. The Los Angeles-based brand was founded by two OG ColourPop employees, Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn, as well as Kevin Gould, and together, the trio have dreamed up a way to offer luxe extensions at a super affordable pricepoint. Like I said, I was never much of an extensions girl, so when INH Hair offered to send me a pony to try out, the pricepoint really intrigued me. "This is cheap enough that I'd actually buy it, and would definitely recommend it to friends," I thought, and after many a wear test, I can confirm the quality is great.

Here's me, wearing my INH Miya Ponytail ($45, to a recent Ariana Grande concert. Could there be a more appropriate occasion?

And more importantly, here's Ariana herself wearing the exact same Miya pony for her Vogue "In My Head" video:

I knew we were twinning, but I didn't realize we were identical twins. I always imagined Ari's signature ponies would cost more than one month's rent, so the fact that she's not afraid to rock an inexpensive piece is truly awesome. While some of INH Hair's extensions are made with human hair, the Miya ponytail is made of heat-safe Japanese fibers, which help to lower the pricepoint, but ensure hair still looks fly AF. VIn addition to the INH Hair Maya, Vogue also credits Indique Hair for contributing extensions to the look, so it's possible Ari's stylist added them to the Maya for additional length or thickness.

The Maya comes in12 shades, and if you're wondering, Grande wears the Dark Brown:

My favorite part about the Maya is that it includes one special piece of hair to wrap around the base of your pony to mask the extension. So smart:


As for application, hairstylist Josh Liu no doubt applied the Miya for Ari himself, but I'm able to throw it on in seconds at home all on my own. At the base of the pony, there is a small comb to be inserted into a bun or ponytail made of your own strands, and from there, you simply wrap the ponytail around and fasten the base using built-in velcro. Then, the wrap-around strand goes overtop to finish off the look and hide any obvious extensions at the base. It's so incredibly easy, and that's coming from someone who is not particularly talented when it comes to styling hair.

As you can see, Ari whips her pony all around in the video, and it stays put:

Extensions are rarely cheap, so if you want to channel Ari's iconic ponytail this summer, INH Hair is definitely the move. The brand also offers wavy ponies, shorter ponies, traditional clip-ins, buns, bangs, and more, so I wouldn't be surprised if Ari changes up her look using INH Hair again sometime soon.

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