8 Little Secrets That'll Help You Shake That Dull Patch In Your 20s

Have you fallen into the uneventful routine of adulting? You know, the one where you are so focused on your job, your bills, and your place that you've forgotten to keep the most important thing satisfied (aka, you). When you're going through a dull patch, you are in a never-ending reflection mode and you're curious what got you in this temporary slump to begin with.

Every passing day seems more like the last, and you crave change. You're keeping track of the days of the week solely by what responsibilities you have to tend to, and that's no way to make your mark in this decade. Now, this doesn't mean you are doing the wrong thing by keeping your life in order. Kudos to you, girl. You just need to mix things up, so that you are not entirely consumed by all of the work, without having any fun.

Your 20s has the potential to be a decade that sets your soul on fire, but that doesn't mean there aren't periods that will dull your flame along the way. It seems impossible to keep your life full of zest and balance adulting at the same time, but you've got the elbow grease you need to do it. Don't settle for your current situation if it isn't bringing excitement to your life. Instead, use any of these secrets that'll help you shake that funk.

Wine And Dine Yourself, Just Because

Find a nice restaurant you've never been to, and treat yourself to a delicious dinner. When you wine and dine yourself, you're getting the royal treatment you truly deserve. You'll be utterly relaxed, and it'll give you a clearer mindset to tackle other parts of your life. Make sure to grab a doggie bag, because leftovers are bae.

Take A New Route To Work, When You Can

You may not be able to up and change your job at the moment, but you might be able to adjust your journey there. You associate your job with the same old things you do or see before you clock in. If you live in the city, consider switching up your walking route, and if you drive to work, try a new coffee spot for your morning brew. This tweak won't eliminate the destination, but it'll add an unexpected factor to your typical routine.

Redecorate Your Living Space

You don't have to Feng Shui your space or anything, but switch things up a bit. You'd be surprised by how much your living space and how things are arranged actually affects your mood on the daily. Get on Pinterest and start crafting ideas for your home.

Consider Crossing Off An Item From Your Bucket List

If you're bored with your current situation, you've likely put your bucket list items on hold. There's no way you can be bored if you're fulfilling them, though. So, dust it off, take a look, and see what you can pull off, ASAP. Think about it — your bucket list is full of items that fuel your wanderlust, and right now, you need a taste of that excitement.

Plan A Vacay You Can Look Forward To

Your life might seem boring because you're getting into the habit of doing the same thing every single day. In fact, you might not be looking forward to anything because of that. Plan a little vacay that will be a couple months away. The idea that you're inching closer to paradise will put an extra spark in your life.

Add A NY Times Best Seller To Your Reading List

You realize that as you get older, reading never was a punishment when your teachers and parents told you to do it. It stimulates your mind, and takes you on voyages without you ever having to leave your couch. Get your creativity flowing and block out some time each day to read something worthwhile.

Unplug From Your Electronics For A Bit

When you're bored, what is one of the first things you do? You grab your phone and scroll and scroll until you find something temporarily entertaining. Your phone and electronics are a catalyst for your boredom. Unplug, get active, and don't resort to a quick fix to aid idle time.

Ask Out That Person You've Been Crushing On

Make sure this is a person who isn't a celebrity crush, because people like Ryan Gosling are off limits. Sorry! It's always exciting going on a date with someone you've been crushing on. It makes you nervous (in a good way), and gets you out of your comfort zone which are two things that can spice up anyone's life.

Your dull patch is only temporary, and you have all of the tools to bring on those more exciting days. Now go on and get your groove back.