7 Easy Ways To Bring Balance & Harmony Into Your Life This Year With Feng Shui

A new year may have you feeling like you need some changes in your home. You might want to shake most, if not all, of the 2017 feels from around your pad and start fresh. In that case, you're in need of a little feng shui in your life. So, what is feng shui?

In order to understand feng shui (pronounced "fung-shway"), you have to know that it involves a strong belief that everything gives off energy, even non-living things. These energies surround us on a daily basis and can have an impact on our mood and well-being.

Feng shui has been around for thousands of years and is basically the art and science of placing these things and their energy in a way that provides you with more than comfort, but good vibes as well.

Energy can be balance in any space: your room, kitchen, garden, and more. If you consider the idea that everything has and gives off an energy, look around for yourself and think about how changing or moving it would be different. It's almost like that whole theory about how you sleep way better in a clean room than in a messy one. Your mind isn't stressing the placement and you're at peace. Now, if you want to invite some feng shui into your 2018, consider doing a few of these things.

Place Something Inviting At Your Front Door
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The sound of water trickling from a fountain is very relaxing and inviting. You want people to feel both of those things when entering your home. You also want to feel at peace the second you walk into the door. Seriously, I don't know what sort of sorcery it is or what, but I could listen to running fountain water all day.

Consider Not Having A TV In Every Room
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As convenient as it may seem, you don't really need a TV in every room. When you do that, you immediately feel obligated to watch it, even when you are busy doing something else. Not having one in every room let's you unplug and really delve into quiet time when you need some.

Invest In A Plant Or Two

Yes, plants are a responsibility, but they're also a piece of nature you're bringing into your home. Plants are natural and good for us. It doesn't even have to be something super extravagant. Just get something in a small pot you can easily maneuver, and you are all set. Plants for the win.

Change The Position Of Your Bed

Moving your bed could have a lot more benefits than you think. For starters, placing your bed differently could change the arrangement of other items in your room, and ultimately influence how much you like to stay in there. It can also impact how well you sleep at night.

Clear Any Clutter You May Have

You might think that a cluttered closet isn't affecting your daily life, but what if you could eliminate that morning battle of finding a pair of shoes? It's one less thing you have to worry about. You also won't have to cringe every time you open that closet door anymore.

Place Pictures Strategically
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This might sound silly, but we are incredibly influenced by the things we see. It's almost like when you're scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see something that really rubs you the wrong way and it messes up your whole day.

As far as pictures around your place are concerned, don't place every single picture you have ever taken with your family, in your room. It's a lot to digest in your place of slumber. Maybe swap it with a pic of you and your SO or your fur baby.

Fix What's Broken

You know how you always know when your SO is getting ready for work because that closet door always creeks? Well, that's fixable, and taking care of it is like adding balance to the way things should be. Many times we overlook these things because we either have no time or have become accustomed to their inconveniencing nature. Don't settle, and get to fixing.

Feng shui is all about placement, and let's face it, we don't always immediately know where things should go. Comfort, balance, and peace of mind should always be things you make room for.