10 Little Secrets To Living A Much Better Life In Your 20s

Happiness is more than having a smile on your face. It's about being content with who you are and where you're at — and the secrets to living a happy life in your 20s aren't going to reveal themselves from the get-go. It takes practice, making mistakes, and dealing with unexpected curveballs. You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

Whether you're in college or working your butt off in your career, you deserve your happiness even when all else seems like it's plotting against you. Even once you graduate, you never really stop being a student throughout your 20s. Every single day you're learning what works for you and what keeps you going (and I don't mean that caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso).

You're figuring out how to live your life so that you're not only living without regrets, but you're actually happy through it all. Happiness is that one thing no one can take away from you if you take control of it. Think of your happiness as an investment without actual money, per say. Every time you deposit any one of these 10 life hacks, you're profiting and your soul feels all the more richer.

Don't Let Drama Be Detrimental

Unfortunately, drama will happen no matter how old you get. The key is to not let it win. By refusing to let drama control your overall mindset and emotions, you allow it to run its course and you continue to flourish in your life. It might be a detour, but you can surely hit the gas and leave it behind at any time.

Make Your Own Choices

Its OK to seek advice in your 20s, but no one should be making big decisions for you. Your choices belong to you, and you alone. You can't live for yourself if you have someone else calling the shots. Do you, girl.

Don't Underestimate Your Dreams

At some point in your 20s, you might question the validity of your dreams. It may be because they seem too big or they aren't happening at a pace you'd hoped they would. Don't knock yourself off of your own unicorn, and keep those dreams alive.

Know Who Your Friends Are

Knowing who your true friends are in this decade is crucial. Cut ties with any toxic people and the ones who are always throwing a pity party. The genuine gems who have been there through think and thin remained loyal and didn't cause drama deserve to stick around for the long run. They are your ride or dies.

Don't Compare Yourself To Other People

Thanks to social media, you have access to everyone's successes and milestones. Sure, they look pretty amazing on the screen, but don't start re-evaluating your current situation because someone else is living their best life. Focus on your own goals without keeping tabs on how they compare to anyone else's accomplishments.

Travel As Much As You Can

Let your wanderlust roam free in your 20s. You'll definitely regret every time you could have explored a new place, and for whatever reason, you didn't. A change of scenery every once in awhile does the soul good.

Apologize When You Need To

This might sound a little out of place, but it's really not. When you know you're in the wrong, and you haven't apologized, it really weighs on you. The two little words, "I'm sorry," are way more liberating than you might think, and you'll feel so much better you got them off your chest.

Make Yourself A Priority

You and your well-being should be the number one priority in your life. If you aren't prioritizing yourself, you're basically running on autopilot, and that gets old real quick. Take a self-care day, meditate, and do whatever you need to in order to tell yourself that you're important AF.

Don't Settle

Settling is playing it safe in an unpredictable world. Don't cut yourself short and settle for anything less than your heart desires. You deserve whatever it is you want out of a job, a place to live, a relationship, and more. Settling is for lawsuits, not your life.

Don't Take Everything So Seriously

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to take every situation so seriously. It's OK to take things easy, even if everyone else around you is stressing out. Seriousness doesn't necessarily reflect maturity, nor is it a main part of adulthood.

Take hold of creating your own happiness, and your 20s will be so much more enjoyable. Above all, remember that happiness is not a destination; it's a journey.