8 Things That Should Never Change When Your Sister Has A Partner

One of the greatest bonds ever is the one shared between two sisters. You're more than just family; you're best friends. Together you are the forever kind of besties who can withstand anything — even when one of you gets into a new relationship. When your sister has a boyfriend or girlfriend, you know that some things may adjust, but certain things will always be the same.

Deep down, you know that nothing — not even a SO — could get between you and your sister. You've been partners in crime since birth, and will continue to be just as close. Actually, when they started dating, you were the first person she called to tell you the news. After checking to make sure this new person was worthy of the queen who is your sis, you now feel totally comfortable supporting this match.

When my sister found herself in a new relationship, at first, I was a bit worried that she would stop texting me all the time and I would become the third wheel whenever the three of us hung out. Luckily, I've found that these eight things I hold dear in our sisterhood have not changed one bit, and you can likely relate.

She Will Always Be There For You When You Need Her

Despite being with her new bae, your sister will still drop whatever she's doing to be there for you whenever you need her. If you need to call her, she will pick up the phone. She is and forever will be your most reliable emergency contact.

You Still Have That Quality One-On-One Sister Time

You don't have to worry about being the third wheel, because your sister still wants that one-on-one time with you, too. The two of them also don't make you feel uncomfortable when the three of you do hang out.

You're The First Person She Calls With Good News
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Whenever your sister has good news to share, you don't have to worry about being the last one to find out. Your place at the top of the phone tree is still there. She will always call you ASAP when something exciting happens.

She Still Keeps All Of Your Secrets
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Your sister has always been your number one confidante to spill every secret to. You don't have to worry that everything you've told her in the past, her new boyfriend or girlfriend knows as well. Every secret and hilariously embarrassing story is still perfectly locked away in your sister vault.

She Still Grabs Sister-Only Selfies On The Reg
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Whenever the two of you hang out, you love snapping a sister selfie of just the two of you. (In other words, you don't have to worry about a bae photobomb.) Your sister's Instagram is not solely couple pics because you still make a quality cameo every once in a while.

She Texts You Almost Every Single Day
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You don't have to worry about chat going radio silent. It won't just be one-sided blue bubbles from you. She still responds and texts you almost every single day with funny GIFs or links to videos that she knows will make you laugh.

Your Sister Traditions Are Still Just For You Two
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There are likely several precious sister traditions that hold a special place in your heart, like taking a trip to NYC around the holidays, or taking a long weekend road trip to kick off the start of summer. Those are sacred things that your sister would never change.

You Feel Totally Comfortable Talking To Her About Anything

You've always felt super comfortable talking to your sister about everything. You have a pact to be super honest with each other. Just because she's dating someone new, doesn't mean that you can't still feel completely comfortable talking to her.

Even though the most important things in your relationship aren't changing now that your sister has a new bae, you can still be upfront about the minor things that have changed. You also don't have to worry about what you tell her will get back to her boyfriend or girlfriend.