If Your Best Friend's Partner Is Your Good Friend, Too, You Hit The Jackpot In These 8 Ways

So, your best friend just got a new bae. They're happy, so naturally, you are as well, but there's an extra sparkle in your smile because you already know this special person. In fact, your BFF is now dating one of your good friends. (Someone get a lottery ticket ASAP, because it's like you just won the jackpot.) You see, when your best friend's partner is your friend, too, it's like a win-win all around.

It's always an adjustment when your bestie starts seeing someone new. You have to meet them, get to know them, and determine if they're worthy of someone as wonderful as your BFF. You don't want your bestie dating just anyone. They have to be the one. Plus, since you and your BFF are like PB and J to each other, it's like introducing a new ingredient into the mix. At the end of the day, it's a beautiful new flavor.

Luckily, you already know this new person so well that you have your two thumbs way up high in approval. If it wasn't already clear how exciting this news is, you might need to be reminded of these eight ways that make this new arrangement the best ever.

You Never Feel Like The Third Wheel On Hangs

When your best friend starts dating someone new, you might expect a few awkward hangs where you're the third wheel. It's inevitable, but thankfully, you're all friends in this situation. You don't have to worry about being left out, because it'll just feel like three good friends having fun together.

You Instantly Approve Of The Bae

Since you already deem this person worthy of your friendship, you know they are good enough for your BFF. You don't need to grill them like a dad in a teen rom-com. You know their backstory, their job, and how they treat their friends. It's an easy approval process.

You Just Gained An Extra BFF

Since you and your BFF hang out all the time, it's like you're adding a new bestie into the mix. You're already friends with their partner, so you're starting from a good place. Pretty soon, it'll be like you have a bonus bestie you didn't think you needed.

You Don't Have To Get A Long Rundown On Different People

When your best friend starts talking about their partner's friends, you usually have to get a long rundown on people you've never met before. It's hard keeping track of all the new names. Luckily, you already know their friends, because most of them are your friends, too. No need to study up to know what's going on.

You Can Start Fantasizing About Their Wedding Day

Let's face it: It's fun to fantasize about weddings. It's why you go down a Pinterest rabbit hole every once in a while. Now, you have a couple you can get behind to start dreaming about their big day. Since you know both sides, you'll have a big part in the wedding, so why not get a little carried away in Pinterest dreamland?

You Feel Somewhat Responsible For And Proud Of Their Relationship
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You might have been the one to introduce the new couple to each other. That makes you feel super proud. You get to brag to people about what a good matchmaker you are, and maybe even add it to your long list of special qualities.

There's No Awkward "Getting To Know You" Phase

The first few times you meet your BFF's new partner has the potential to be a little bit awkward. It's the "getting to know you" phase that many of us we could just skip over. Luckily, you can!

You Become The Best Shopping Partner
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Since you're familiar with both sides, you instantly become the go-to person to take shopping. You know just what to buy the other person for anniversary gifts, birthdays, and Valentine's Day. (It sounds like a dream to me, because I'll take any excuse to go to the mall.)