8 Priceless Moments You Experience With Your Bestie That Explain Why You're So Close

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Finding a best friend is like searching for a long lost treasure. They're rare and hard to find, but the instant you do find your bestie, you know they are golden. There are plenty of friends out there, but a BFF is different. They are the PB to your J, your missing puzzle piece, and simply put, "your person." There are even priceless moments you experience with your best friend that explain why you're so close.

These are the moments that are hard to explain to any outsider, but if you have a BFF you know what I'm talking about. You've most definitely experienced these eight moments with your bestie at least once before. Some of these might even be indicators to you right now that your friendship is taking itself to the next level of forever status. When I find someone who I click with instantly, these things tell me whether I've truly found a BFF.

It's a test, and only those worthy will pass. Luckily, you know you've already found the perfect best friend, and to celebrate that glorious fact, I think it's time to have a bestie night in, go out to your fave restaurant, or just post an throwback Insta showing how much your friendship means.

When You Can Say What You're Hungry For At The Count Of Three

There are moments when you and your BFF can finish each other's sentences. That's when you know you're on the same page. It happens anytime you and your bestie have to decide on where to eat. On the count of three, you say what you're both in the mood for, and almost always, end up saying the same thing. It's like magic.

When You've Found The Right Nicknames
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You can't just give each other meaningless nicknames. They have to develop naturally, and when they do, you know it's a special moment. That's when you finally find the S to your B like in Gossip Girl, or the P. Sawyer to your B. Davis from One Tree Hill.

When A New Inside Joke Happens

Inside jokes happen with any close relationship, but between you and your best friend, you have millions. It's no wonder, because you share the same sense of humor. Therefore, you can spend hours just laughing. The best times are the instant new inside jokes are formed, and you know it's a created memory that will always make you smile.

When You Realize You've Been Sitting Comfortably In Silence
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A true test of friendship is when you're so comfortable with each other that you can do absolutely nothing together, and still have fun. I know I've found a bestie when I realize that we've been comfortably just hanging for a while, and we're OK with the silence. Of course, it's not long before we're gabbing endlessly, but we don't feel a need to fill every moment with sound.

When You Realize You've Been Talking For Hours, But It Felt Like Minutes
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When you're with your best friend, time moves differently. You can talk about anything and everything. Then, you look at the clock and realize you've been on the phone for hours. It's true what they say — time flies when you're having fun.

Whenever You Can Be Completely Honest And Share Secrets
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You know you've found a bestie for life when you trust them enough to tell all your secrets. You don't even hesitate before opening up. You just know you can trust them.

Whenever You Have Those Late-Night Conversations
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Some of the best talks with your bestie are late at night when you're either at a diner or just hanging out on the couch. You get into your fears, your dreams, and even philosophies on life. It's those deep convos that bring you closer together and make your relationship unique.

When You Can Look At Each Other And Know What The Other Is Thinking
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I love the times when I can look at my best friend from across the room, give her a look, and she knows exactly what I'm thinking. That's when I know that we're not only on the same page, but she gets me. It's such a special moment between besties that you almost start believing in telepathy.

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