8 Beautiful Differences Between You & Your Bestie That Make Them The PB To Your J

A true forever friend is a rare find. You can go years trying to find yours. What makes it difficult is that you're not just looking for a good friend, but a soulmate. If you've locked down your best friend forever, you should consider yourself very lucky. You and your bestie understand each other so well that you can practically finish each other's sentences, and know what the other one is thinking without even speaking. As much as you click, there are some differences between you and your best friend that make them the PB to your J.

Don't get me wrong — you and your BFF have a lot in common, but it's the differences that make your bond even tighter. Just like peanut butter and jelly can be enjoyed on their own, they're always amazing when they're together, because they complement each other. Similarly, all of these eight things that you and your best friend differ on are things that make you a powerhouse friendship that will last a lifetime.

So even if you may relate to some of these differences mentioned on this list, those are the things you admire about each other. They contribute to what makes your friendship unique from all other best friendships out there.

Your Tastebuds Vary
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Your friend may be a savory person, while you have an extreme sweet tooth. This is what makes going out to eat so easy between the two of you. Your BFF can eat the leftovers you don't want, and you know that you'll never have to fight over the last bite of chocolate cake — it's all yours.

You Watch Different TV Shows

There have been many TV shows I've fallen in love with just because my BFF introduced me to them. I probably never would have even known about them before.

Luckily, you have someone who inspires your TV watch list as well. In fact, I'm pretty sure one of you got the other into watching Game of Thrones just by talking about it on social media so much.

Your Musical Preferences Differ

Sharing music is one of the greatest things ever. You may love discovering new music, but it's always so hard to do so on your own. That's why it's fun to have a bestie who has a different taste in music.

You can always count on them to introduce you to new tunes to rock out to, or make the perfect Spotify playlists for going out. Even if you don't like every song they introduce you to, you've discovered some pretty great hits all because of them.

One Of You Might Be More Extroverted Than The Other

I'm definitely an introvert who would much rather spend Friday nights at home, but I also get intense FOMO. That's where my best friend swoops in to save the day. If you can relate to this situation, you know that having their extroverted energy around can get you off of the couch, and still have a great time — whether you stay in and order pizza with your whole crew, or head out for a chill night on the town.

You Come From Different Family Dynamics
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Everyone's family is different. You may come from a small family with only one sibling, and your best friend might have a huge family with cousins coming over all the time. When you're BFFs, you basically get to become part of their family and experience what it's like to have another family, too.

You Want To Travel To Different Destinations

Your destination bucket lists may differ, but as soon as you link up, you might decide to combine your dream list with theirs to have an even bigger travel list. Before your bestie, you might have never considered a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway or going to Japan to see the cherry blossoms. Now, they may be some of your top dream trips.

You Have Different Hobbies On The Side
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After work, you and your best friend may have different hobbies. They might take comedy classes, while you like to try out different workout classes. The most fun is getting to introduce your favorite person to what you're passionate about. They'll either love it as well, or cheer you on as your biggest fan.

You're Experts On Different Subjects
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Combined, you and your best friend are a perfect team for trivia night. You may be a pop culture guru, while your bestie is a science wiz. Either way, you teach each other and introduce each other to different things. Of course, you win all the game nights.