When Your Best Friends Are More Like Family, You Know These 5 Things To Be So True

When you're in your 20s, friendships can look and feel a little different. Instead of befriending someone on the playground or your soccer team, you get close to people you work with or people who live in the same apartment building as you. You start conversations over random things like tossing your pizza boxes into the trash chute, being overtired at the office, and laughing about a random meme. It's not necessarily about crayons, chocolate pudding, and matching bracelets anymore. But that doesn't mean you don't know what it's like when your best friends are like family, and to have people in your life who you love like a brother or a sister. Let's talk about that, shall we?

Truth is, despite all of the people who will come and go in life, you have some best friends who have been there since kindergarten. They're the ones who know all of your embarrassing stories, your favorite snacks, and would race around your neighborhood with you on scooters after school. They're the ones you always text your "real world" problems and drama to, followed by a message that says, "What would I do without you?"

In addition, you have some new friends who instantly felt like family. They clicked in your social group, and seemed to understand your brain better than anyone else. I've been there and done that, and have friendships that are very similar in my life. I know that you know these five things to be so true.

You're Super Close, Even If You Don't Talk Every Single Day
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First things first: I know that you and your BFFs might not talk every day. You're busy with big assignments at work, coffee dates with your SO, and passion projects you're trying to turn into a full-blown business. Your best friends are busy with their own dreams, love interests, and personal goals, too.

So, your group chat isn't always flooded with messages, memes, and the emojis you love to use. But, spoiler alert: It's OK. You're all still super close and don't necessarily need to be in constant contact. You know that life happens.

In addition, you don't get jealous at the idea of your BFFs hanging out with other people or making memories without you. (FOMO isn't real when you're basically family, you know?)

You Could Easily Be Roommates And Live With Each Other
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On more than one occasion, you and your BFFs have talked about being roommates. You've mentioned how your fridge would always be filled with pasta, ice cream, and the best snacks. You've even scoped out the succulents and cute neon lights you'd buy to decorate your future apartment with.

Truth is, you can so easily picture living with each other because you're basically at each other's places all the time as it is. You each have a drawer with your clothes and back-up makeup supplies in the other's room, or a space in the closet where you keep your favorite pillow, blanket, and other sleepover things.

Sometimes, you're like Monica, Rachel, and the rest of the crew from Friends, hanging out in each other's living space despite them not being there. One day, if you share a set of keys, you really won't be surprised.

You Don't Have To Filter Any Of Your Thoughts Or Opinions
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Conversations with your BFFs often go very similarly to ones you have with your family members. They're usually pretty honest, blunt, and straight to the point. (Oh, and lots of laughing and inside jokes are involved.)

That's because you don't have to filter any of your thoughts or opinions with the people you're closest with in your life. You feel comfortable enough to be your true self and toss in your two cents, even if it's not exactly what everybody else agrees with or wants to hear.

For example, when one of your BFFs comes to you all with a brand new outfit or relationship drama, you tell them, "So cute," or give them a scoop of real talk right away. It's always because you care about them and have their best interests in mind.

You Always Have Someone To Cheer On Your Life Decisions
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You may already know this, but life isn't always straight and narrow. Sometimes the path to your dreams or overwhelming success is winding and requires you to make difficult life decisions. Sometimes, it requires you to choose between living on one coast or the other, or to walk away from a person who's no longer supporting your #bestlife.

That's OK and very natural, and it's also made easier when you have BFFs who are like family. They're constantly sitting on the sidelines and cheering you on, and supporting you no matter what you decide. (*Cues the "what would I do without you" texts.*)

Sure, they may offer their advice or thoughts on what you should do. After all, they want to see you touch the sky, not trip on the ground. But ultimately, they say, "I'm here for you," and you know that your bond is larger than life.

If You Have Kids, They Will Have A Bunch Of "Cool Aunts"
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Last but not least, your friends are so much like family that you know your future kids will look at them that way. They'll call them their "cool aunts," and continuously ask if they're coming to your annual barbecues or casual weeknight dinners. (Um, of course!)

You see, your BFFs will love your kids just as much as you and treat them like their own. They'll want to be there for all the dance recitals, soccer games, and birthday parties, and give them all the best life advice. They'll want to teach them how to play board games and go higher on the swing set.

Those memories will be some of your favorite going forward, and continuously remind you that some friendships are out of this world. They feel like having more brothers or sisters, even though they started at an office, on campus, or in an apartment in New York City. (Can someone pass the tissues, please? Thank you!)