When Your Parents Visit You In NYC, Here Are 5 Things To Do That You'll All Actually Enjoy

Word on the street is you recently followed your daydreams and moved to The Big Apple. You found a cute apartment in the middle of Brooklyn, or a place to rent with your best friend above the bustling streets of Manhattan. You're beyond excited, even though it's proving to potentially be the most expensive, loudest, and stickiest (Have you gone on the subway in the summer?) adventure you've had yet. So far, you've tried lots of different restaurants and have seen the major tourist sites. But, you want to know some things to do when your parents visit you in NYC that you'll all actually enjoy.

Last time you checked, your mom wasn't too keen on heights, so taking the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building is out. If none of you are particularly fond of large crowds — especially when you're trying to spend quality time together — going to Times Square and Rockefeller Center may be out of the equation as well. You all do love to eat good food, though, and experience a place like a local would.

Lucky for your family, you are a local now and can take them around to the sites that are so underrated and worth your time. You can bring them to the art galleries, trendy brunch spots, and quaint cafés that make this city so lively and beautiful. You can bring them to your favorite pizza shops, and do these five things, too.

Check Out The New York Botanical Garden
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First things first: If your parents are coming to visit you in the city when the weather is fairly warm and nice, then you'll want to do something outside. You could grab a bunch of snacks at the Union Square Greenmarket or people-watch in Central Park. Personally, though, I'd head straight for the New York Botanical Garden.

I'd take my parents around the exhibits of vibrant flowers and succulents, and let them stop to take pictures of their favorite displays. I'd follow them down the sidewalks and catch them up on my new life in the land of Carrie Bradshaw.

Tickets are $28 on the weekend, and it'll be worth every penny you spend to get to the Bronx and park your car, too. Pinky promise!

Get Tickets To A Yankees Game
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Recently, I went to my first-ever Yankees game with my boyfriend — and let me tell you, it was electric. It was a Saturday afternoon and pretty sunny, so the stadium was filled to the brim with fans. Everybody was cheering on the players loud and proud, as they hit home runs and tried to steal a few bases.

Despite going to NYC so many times, it's an experience that I'd never had or even considered putting on my bucket list. So, I'm here to tell you that you should take your parents to this sporting event when they come to visit you in your new home.

Grab your tickets in advance, and plan to buy some chicken tenders and fries once you arrive. Get matching T-shirts for all of you to wear if you really want to take an average weekend trip to the next level.

Eat Your Way Through Chelsea Market
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As far as I'm concerned, New York City has some of the best food around. From pizza, to Instagram-worthy sushi, to every bagel perfectly spread with cream cheese in between, you can spend an entire day treating yourself to the finest cuisine.

It may be a little expensive, though, to take your parents to various restaurants and try the most popular items on their menu. (After all, you have to pay for rent, your subway card, and your groceries which you always get delivered. Ugh! The struggle is real.) So, I'd suggest going to Chelsea Market and picking up whatever catches your eye.

For me, this would be pierogis or a veggie burger and fries. I would get a vanilla milkshake to go on the side, and clink it against my dad's (which is probably topped with whipped cream). What would you order? Get me one, too, please!

See The City From The Top Of The Rock
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The skyline is always a sight to see when you're living in New York City, or just visiting it for a weekend or casual afternoon. Although you can see it from the top of the Empire State Building and from a cozy spot near the Brooklyn Bridge, the top of Rockefeller Center is the real place to go for all the #views.

From the Top of the Rock Observation Deck you'll be able to see everything. You'll be able to see Fifth Avenue, and the bustling streets that stretch from Uptown to Downtown. Your parents will likely want to grab a picture or two at this spot, and peep the skyscrapers from the binoculars. They'll be raving about this experience long after they leave, and saying to the rest of your family, "Oh my god, that city is amazing!"

Take Pictures Near The Brooklyn Bridge
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Last but not least, around the end of your parents' visit, you might want to show them the Brooklyn Bridge. You may have already seen a glimpse of it when you were walking around the area at lunch, or hanging out on the roof of your apartment building. But, nothing will beat seeing it in all its beauty close up and personal.

So, take the subway to somewhere near the water and find a good spot on the rocks. If the sun is just about to set, you may get to see the skyline covered in shades of purple and pink, too. (Um, yes please!)

From this spot, you'll want to get a few pictures with your parents so that you can always look back on this trip and the new memories you made together. With activities like these five things, you're all bound to say, "Wow, that was really fun," and make plans to do it again.