If You're An Early Riser, But Bae Sleeps In, You Can Relate To These 10 Things

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You firmly believe that the early bird gets the worm. However, your partner believes in the power of pressing the snooze button a few too many times. You are well connected on many levels, but when it comes to waking up in the morning, you're on totally different pages. Actually, when you wake up early but your partner sleeps in, it's definitely an adjustment you have to deal with together. It makes your brunch plans more like linner plans, and going on an early morning jog together is almost impossible. Even if you may not be synced in your sleep cycles, by now, you've made that difference work for you.

When you first started dating, you noticed that your early morning texts to bae took a while to get replies, and the first time you slept over, you likely chilled in bed, patiently waiting for them to get up. That's when it clicked that your timing is a little off in the morning. You may be an early bird, and your SO is a night owl.

As different as you may be, you're still two birds who fly together. You just have to adjust to these 10 things that happen when you're up hours before your partner ever opens their eyes.

You Try To Compromise

When you're on two very different wakeup schedules, you and your partner have to compromise. You may be able to negotiate an early morning breakfast, but more often than not, your dates are closer to the afternoon. The whole negotiation process makes you stronger, and it's so easy to meet in the middle when you care about each other.

You Try To Not Disturb Them When You Wake Up

Whenever you sleep over, you have to be extra smooth in the morning when trying to get up. You've definitely perfected the whole getting out of bed without moving anything ordeal. The only downside is when you're cuddling, and you're trapped under bae's arms. Then, it becomes mission impossible. The good news is, you're able to brush your teeth and use some fresh mouthwash before saying good morning to bae — am I right?

You Quietly Scroll Through Social Media While Waiting

Sometimes, you have to kill some time while waiting for your SO to wake up. That might mean scrolling through Insta and Twitter. Social media is basically your best friend in the morning.

You Have Your Own Morning Routine

You and your boo share a ton of things in common — but your mornings are not one of them. You have two very different routines. Since you're up early, you can grab breakfast and go to the gym while bae's still snoozing.

You Know What Works To Get Them Up In The Morning

Since you've struggled with it before, you likely know exactly what works to get bae up in the morning. It might not work if you use it all the time, but whenever you need to, you're able to get bae going.

You Know Bae's Go-To Coffee Order

Since you're the one who's always up first, you might be in charge of making or getting the coffee. By now, you know your partner's go-to order. Surprising them with a cup when they first wake up is a nice way to kick off the day.

You Get To Shower First

There's no fighting over the bathroom in the morning, because you get first dibs. You never have to wait for someone to finish up, and fear that you might be late for something. Instead, it's all yours.

Your Day May Start Later And End Later, Since Bae Sleeps In

Since you have to adjust, a lot of your time together is in the afternoon. Brunches are more on the lunch side, and dates are almost always at night. Of course, there are a few times when you can convince bae to get up early, but most of your time together is post-noon.

You Are Used To Getting Late-Morning Replies To Texts

You know by now not to panic when bae doesn't text you back right away. If it's too early, they're most likely still sleeping. You're cool getting your reply when it comes.

You've Definitely Taken A Few Funny Sleeping Pics

Let's be honest: You have a few adorable sleeping pics on your phone right now. It's cute when you catch your partner cuddling. There are also the few times when their mouth is open and they're snoring super loud. Naturally, you have to take a picture of that, so you both can laugh later. Hey, you snooze you lose, am I right?

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