The New AirPods Will Be In Stores SO Soon, So You Won't Have To Wait Long

If you stay up-to-date with all the latest in smart devices, you may have heard that Apple just announced the second generation of AirPods. The new wireless headphones are set to feature 50 percent more talk time than the original version, along with the ability to use Siri hands-free, and the option to buy a wireless charging case. And if that all sounds exciting to you, you're probably wondering: When will the new AirPods be in stores? Get excited, because they're coming soon.

If you're eyeing Apple's second generation AirPods with the intention of buying them as soon as you possibly can, I have some good news for you. The AirPods with the standard charging case are currently available to order on Apple's website and through the Apple Store app store starting today, and they'll be available in-store next week for $159. If you're looking to get the AirPods with the Wireless Charging Case, you'll be able to order them online or via the app for $199 as of today, and you'll be able to get your hands on them in-store next week. And if you simply want to order the Wireless Charging Case by itself, you can order it online or via the app today for $79, or you can get it in-store next week. Needless to say, your daily commute, morning run, and walk to the grocery store is about to get way more convenient.


If you aren't totally set on buying the new AirPods yet, you should probably know the key differences between the original version and the new version. One of the main upgrades is the addition of an H1 chip. It was completely designed by Apple, and it's responsible for providing the new version with a handful of awesome new features, such as hands-free Siri and 50 percent more talk time. Definitely worth the cash, in my opinion.

And while the internet can be rather negative at times, it seems as though these second generation AirPods have even gained Twitter's approval. Apple fans are loving all the new features, and plenty of customers have already placed their orders. And if you aren't totally convinced, one hardcore Apple fan, @Saracsalinas, even paid off some credit card debt before buying a pair. In her tweet, she said, "I definitely strategically waited for the new AirPods and definitely didn't just need to pay off credit card debt before buying a pair." LOL the dedication is too real right now, and I'm seriously loving it. Sign me up for a pair, too.

Apple's latest and greatest version of AirPods are gaining a lot of attention right now, and I'm overjoyed to see the feedback overall is super positive. The release is getting fans super excited — not only because the new features are amazing, but because they're available to order as we speak. TBH, I can't wait to see how much Apple fans enjoy them. If you ask me, I'd be all over that hands-free Siri. Take my money!