Rachel & Bryan From 'The Bachelorette' Reveal Their Plans To Start A Family

ABC/ Heidi Gutman

We've heard it for months now. #JanuArie is coming. Yes,The Bachelor is returning on Jan. 1, 2018, just in time for a very happy reality TV new year. But before the official premiere date, ABC wanted us to also celebrate #DecembArieEr (OK, we made that one up and now we get one reason why the show is premiering in January) with Monday, Dec. 11's "Countdown to Arie" special extravaganza spectacular. And if you braved an hour of recycled moments from Bachelor yesteryear and introductions to the contestants we'll see on Season 22, you also got to watch Bachelorette couple Rachel and Bryan chat about their future. When will Rachel and Bryan have kids? They're filling #BachelorNation in.

Amidst that "worst kisses in Bachelor history" montage of shame, we were more than ecstatic to see Bryan Abasolo on our TVs again. And we consider ourselves casual members of #TeamPeter. Rachel Lindsay was definitely one of the standout Bachelorettes of all time, so she is always a welcome franchise friendly face. Tonight we got see her and Bryan hanging out and being all cute with their beautiful dog, Copper. “It’s crazy that I found my person on TV. I feel like I’m gonna wake up at any moment from this dream," Rachel explained. Aww.

When it comes to their plans to have kids at the moment, even though people ask them all the time, they revealed they "would like to take things slow in the baby department." Besides, they consider Copper their kid anyway.

Rachel and Bryan have been going strong ever since he became the victorious winner of her heart on the oh-so-dramatic finale of her season. We've gotten to witness their loved-up adventures over the past few months via social media and interviews, and fans have warmed up to the fact that they're in it for the long haul, even if there was a vocal outpouring of support for runner-up Peter Kraus. Well, Peter is doing him. And Rach and Bry are adorable as ever. Look how sweet.

Rachel and Byran even recently celebrated their upcoming nuptials with an engagement bash that had some #BachelorNation alums in attendance. Even though she mentioned she's "never been the wedding type," she dished to People on the her hubby-to-be. “Sometimes I’m sitting with Bryan I’m like this time last year I was sitting in my office and I didn’t have a boyfriend. My world has changed so much and for the better,” Rachel said of the whirlwind experience. “You never know what can happen in a year. This time next year I might have another dog or a baby. It’s crazy to think all this happened.”

Hey — that could totally be Arie. Maybe by this time next year he'll be getting ready to race down the aisle. 'Cause he's race car driver. Did ABC not make this clear yet? Vroom. Vroom.

Honestly, I don't know if I have enough auto puns in my pun arsenal to make it through an entire season, and it hasn't even really revved up yet.

On the "Countdown to Arie" special, Rachel and Bryan even had advice for the new Bachelor on his turn as the show's leading man. Looking for love on TV is a grueling gig despite the helicopter rides, trips to exotic places, and all that exhausting making out. Rachel Lindsay knows that just as much as anyone. “I think it’s just important for him to stay focused, don’t settle, don’t compromise, don’t make any excuses. If he does that, he’ll be successful."

We wish you all the best, Arie. We hope you're successful enough on this rose-filled journey to find a love like Rachel and Bryan's.