Here's How To Find Out When Jeffree & Shane's Conspiracy Collection Will Restock

Things you don't need to enjoy to justify buying Shane Dawson's makeup collab with Jeffree Star Cosmetics: conspiracy theories, pigs, and/or YouTube videos. Things you do need to enjoy: really good makeup. Since the collection's official launch on Nov. 1, fans have been begging for a Conspiracy Collection restock, and one look at the products will tell you why. After documenting the year-long process of creating the collection and sharing it on YouTube as a six-part video series, Dawson and Star managed to build enough hype to make their launch the brand's biggest to date — and sell out in a matter of hours.

Lots of members of the beauty community turn to YouTube and the site's army of beauty gurus for product reviews, tutorials, and the like. Many of these influencers either launch their own makeup brands or collaborate with existing popular brands, but when Shane Dawson, a longtime YouTuber known for everything from sketch comedy to conspiracy theories, announced he'd be collaborating with Jeffree Star Cosmetics, many were shook and a little confused, too. Prior to the news, Dawson had expressed little to no interest in beauty whatsoever, but after creating a docuseries about brand founder and fellow YouTuber Jeffree Star, the pair decided to collaborate on a line and document every moment.

The star of the show is the Conspiracy Palette, with shades inspired by Dawson's family, friends, occasional scandals, and overall YouTube success:

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Since fans journeyed alongside Dawson and Star via the docuseries, it came as no surprise that, after watching six hours worth of footage in which the palette was dreamed up, designed, and produced, a lot of people wanted to buy it. When it finally launched on Nov. 1, it quickly sold out, despite Jeffree Star Cosmetics ordering more units than they had for any launch prior.

And according to the brand's Instagram account, it's only a matter of time before the collection restocks:

"All of our retailers and JSC are sold out world wide!" the brand declared on Instagram. "We will be announcing restock information as soon as we have more answers from our makeup labs and packaging manufacturers." They also confirmed that the collection will be permanent, so even if it sells out again, fans will sooner or later be able to snag it.

Star himself shared with his Twitter followers that he is doing his best to get more concrete restock info ASAP:

To stay in the loop and know exactly when the restock will happen, be sure to follow the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Instagram account for all brand updates, and sign up for the brand's newsletter on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website.