Zendaya teased a special "Covid episode" of 'Euphoria' before Season 2.

Zendaya Dropped A Big Hint About When New 'Euphoria' Episodes Are Coming


It might be a long wait for the next season of Euphoria, but fans may actually get to catch up with Rue, Jules, Nate, and the rest of the kids again pretty soon. Following the teen drama's big night at the 2020 Emmy Awards — during which Zendaya became the youngest person to ever win the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series trophy — HBO president Casey Bloys provided some major updates on when Euphoria Season 2 will be on HBO. While the new season will take some time to make, both Bloys and Zendaya teased something special that will help tide fans over: a "Covid episode."

Fans have been waiting a long time for Euphoria Season 2, and unfortunately, it sounds like that wait isn't ending anytime soon. Production on the second season was slated to begin back in March, but it had to immediately shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Bloys told Deadline on Sept. 20 that production is projected to resume in early 2021, which probably means the second season won't air until the end of 2021 or possibly even in 2022. That's a long wait, but luckily, Bloys teased a "special Covid episode" of Euphoria will help hold fans over.

This isn't the first time this episode has been discussed publicly. Back in August, Zendaya teased the possibility of "a little bridge episode" of Euphoria to air before Season 2. She said the episode would have a limited number of people and be set in a safe environment.

Zendaya dropped a bombshell about this standalone episode during an interview with Entertainment Tonight after her Emmy win. She said fans can expect multiple bridge episodes before Season 2 — not just one. "We do have a couple bridge episodes that we're shooting currently that aren't really part of Season 1 or Season 2, but kind of give people a little something different with Euphoria to hold us over a little bit until we're able to do a full Season 2."

It's not exactly clear what these "bridge episodes" will be about or when fans can expect them, but it sounds like they won't include the show's full cast, so they may explore solo moments with different characters in the aftermath of Season 1's finale. Or, since Zendaya said they aren't part of either season really, they could possibly be flashbacks to what each character was going through prior to the series premiere.

Both Zendaya and Euphoria's creator Sam Levinson actually already have some experience in filming during the coronavirus pandemic. They filmed the upcoming Netflix romantic drama Malcolm & Marie over the summer under strict safety precautions.

Look out for more updates about these new Euphoria episodes in the coming months, since they will have to tide fans over until Season 2 finally premieres either later in 2021 or possibly sometime in 2022.