Mercury Retrograde Is Coming To An End & Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

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If there's one thing everyone in the astrology world loves to fear, it's Mercury retrograde. Although it certainly doesn't signify the world coming to an end, there are plenty of reasons why this transit is seriously annoying. Since Mercury is the planet of communication and thought process, its retrograde tends to cause problems in these departments. Mercury is also a fast-moving inner planet, meaning that it affects your life on a noticeable day-to-day basis. I'll admit, I let out a huge sigh of relief when I realize any Mercury retrograde is coming to an end. It means the confusion, nostalgia, and disorganization is finally going to start clearing up.

If you've been feeling it too, that's because Mercury has been retrograde since Oct. 31, 2019. Rolling backward through apparent retrograde motion in the passionate, emotional, and secretive sign of Scorpio, this transit has likely unearthed plenty of overwhelming truths. This retrograde has set aside pleasantries to show you your darkest impulses. Scorpio brings up topics such as intimacy, sex, revenge, power, and ambition. If you are still living with unresolved conflicts in these departments, chances are, this Mercury retrograde brought you face-to-face with the past.

Luckily, Mercury stations direct on Nov. 20 and begins writing a resolution to the story that has taken place. It will be a time of answers, revelations, and conclusions. Here's what the zodiac signs can expect:



You're coming to terms with attachments from your past. It may finally be time to let go of something you've long held close to your heart. If something has been more of a burden than an asset to your life, it's time to begin setting yourself free.


It's time to forgive and grant yourself closure from issues lingering in your relationships. Whether you're finally understanding what happened with an ex, or you're solving a conflict with your current partner, take your revelations and move forward.


You may have faced the consequences of procrastination or a lack of commitment to your daily well-being. Heal your mind and body by forming a new regimen and organizing a plan for success. Even the smallest decisions matter in the long run.


There may have be a missed romantic connection from your past that you're finally coming to terms with. You may have even confronted all the ways in which you prevent your own self from having fun. Get back in touch with your creative spark.



There may have been some issues relating to your home and family that arose during this retrograde. You're understanding all the ways in which your private life required your attention. Move forward with a renewed understanding of what your heart needs.


There may have been times when you wish you had spoken up. There may have been times when you wish you had thought twice before you spoke. You're learning the ways your words have power. They can inflict just as much damage as they can liberate you.


If you've compromised your values or neglected your own self-worth, you were likely faced with the consequences. You're learning that you can't allow your love for yourself to be dependent on anything else. Know that you already have it all.


You've likely been wondering who you are. You don't have to stretch yourself thin trying to be so many different people at once. You're realizing the only opinion that matters is your own. Become the person you want to be.



You've been deeply steeped in the past. If you've been feeling shame, nostalgia, or a strange combination of both, you're healing from what went wrong. The past will always be part of who you are, but it has nothing to do with your future.


You might have drifted back to a group of friends from your past or reconnected with a community you may be missing. However, chances are, you left these people for a reason. It's time to resolve conflicts or set yourself free from these friendships.


Issues relating to your career may have resurfaced, showing you all the ways in which you've been denying your dreams or doubting your authority. Come to terms with what you can change and what you cannot, then go forth with renewed confidence.


What's the meaning of it all? That's a question you've probably been asking yourself a lot lately. If you're not living your life with a purpose, it's time to find one. Have faith in the present moment and rediscover the reasons you're grateful for it.

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