When is 'Parks and Recreation' leaving Netflix? Here's what to know.

‘Parks & Recreation’ Is Leaving Netflix Soon, So Get Ready To Say Goodbye To Pawnee

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Netflix users will have to say goodbye to Pawnee soon because Parks and Recreation is exiting the streamer. Thankfully, there's still some time left to treat yo' self and rewatch your favorite episodes before the show disappears from major streaming platforms. If you want to get another full rewatch in, here's when Parks and Recreation is leaving Netflix, along with other streaming services, and where fans will be able to find it after the move.

Although Parks and Rec has been over since 2015, it's been easy for fans to watch re-runs of the sunny comedy whenever they want. Unfortunately for the Netflix faithful, the show will no longer be available on the streaming platform after September ends. Instead, the sitcom will be moving to NBCUs official streaming service, Peacock. You'll need to sit down for a streaming marathon if you want to catch it before its departure, because according to the official show page, Parks and Rec leaves Netflix on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Since it's moving to Peacock, Parks and Recreation will also leave Hulu and Amazon Prime. The Hollywood Reporter first reported the show's move in September 2019, confirming it would leave all streaming platforms and become a Peacock exclusive in October 2020. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu have yet to announce than official date, though it's likely to be around the same as Netflix.

Parks and Rec is one of the handful of beloved sitcoms that found sustained popularity and relevance long after it ended thanks to views on Netflix. But, as with similarly popular ensemble comedies Friends and The Office, NBC will use its rights to the series to make it exclusively available on Peacock.


Although Peacock hasn't announced an exact date for Parks and Recreation's move to the platform, you should expect to see it sometime after Oct. 1.

Peacock launched on July 15 and offers a combination of free programming, as well as extra shows, movies, and originals for subscribers. A paid membership starts at $4.99 per month with ads or $9.99 per month ad-free. You can also sign up for a seven-day free trial to test the paid features out before you subscribe.

The good news is, much of the NBCU streaming platform's catalogue is available to watch without a subscription. You can create an account with an email and a password, and you're set to stream without paying a cent. It's important to note that Peacock is not yet compatible with Roku devices or Amazon Fire TV devices, per CNET.

Other shows set to make the move to Peacock include The Office, which is slated to leave Netflix in January 2021, and classics like Cheers, Frasier, 30 Rock, Law & Order, and Law & Order SVU.

If you want to catch Parks and Recreation before it leaves Netflix, though, start streaming ASAP, because it'll be gone on Oct. 1.