Mercury Retrograde Is Back In November & Here's Everything You Need To Know

If the past few months (or the past year, if we're being completely honest) have been a long emotional thunderstorm, you're definitely not alone. The cosmos have been bombarding us with one retrograde after another, and I don't know about you, but I'm not laughing anymore. Come on, you remember what summer 2018 was like, right? I kid you not, there were as many as seven planets in retrograde at once. And, of course, as soon as we caught a bit of a break once a few of those planets began moving direct, Venus — planet of love, friendship, and romance — suddenly entered a heartbreaking retrograde of her own on Oct. 5 that we are still dealing with. Can we all just take a moment to commiserate? Because chances are, if you've heard the bad news through the astrology grapevine, you're probably wondering: When is Mercury retrograde November 2018?

If you think I'm being dramatic here, I'm really not. The fact of the matter is this: Mercury — planet of communication, cognitive function, technology, and transportation — enters retrograde on the same exact day that Venus retrograde ends. No, this is not a test. I'm dead serious here, guys. The cosmos are being extra salty this time around, and it's time to put on your game face.

Mercury Retrograde Begins On Nov. 16, 2018, In Sagittarius

As soon as Venus retrograde wraps up the brunt of her tour through the ghosts of relationships past, Mercury will station retrograde on Nov. 16, 2018, in feisty, loud, and reckless Sagittarius. Mercury moving through this mutable fire sign is a complicated transit as it is, considering how Mercury is in detriment in the sign of Sagittarius. While Mercury wants to analyze every detail and follow facts instead of fiction, Sagittarius wants to skim over the boring parts and skip right to the fun, no matter how foolish this impulse may be. Because Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius wants to embellish stories and make things more interesting than they really are, Mercury's job of doling out hard evidence is made that much more difficult.

To remind you of all that can go wrong during Mercury retrograde, remember that it's when communication blunders, transportation errors, and technological mishaps run rampant. This is the perfect time to really think twice before taking action, complete one thing at a time, and plan way ahead.

Because Sagittarius is known for having a blunt and brutally honest attitude, it would be wise to be as thoughtful as possible during delicate conversations. This fire sign is also known for its visionary mindset that can have them putting the cart before the horse, so make sure you try your best to think practically and realistically.

Mercury Retrograde Ends On Dec. 6, 2018, In Scorpio

I know that Mercury retrograde instills fear in all who even remotely follow astrology, but let's not forget that this too shall pass. Even though I'm very serious about preparing for the cosmic mayhem that Mercury retrograde often brings, it's also important to remember that a lot of good can come out of a retrograde period. After all, it's when a planet reverses course, taking us back in time and guiding us through a period of difficult, yet necessary introspection.

While Mercury retrograde begins in expansive Sagittarius, it will station direct in deep-thinking, passionate, and genuine Scorpio on Dec. 6, 2018. Because Scorpio makes Mercury more concerned with the truth that lies behind the facade, influence from this fixed water sign will transform the retrograde into something far more thoughtful. Expect uncomfortable information to arise, betrayals to be made apparent, and if you're wondering who you should and shouldn't trust, Mercury Rx in Scorpio will definitely let you know.

Although Mercury's backwards tailspin can leave wreckage in its wake, it can also be an opportunity to settle scores, understand the truth, and rethink aspects of your perspective that may not be working. When Mercury powers forward in Scorpio for the second time this year, your intuition will be sharp as a knife.