Venus Retrograde Will Have You Feeling Tempted Within Your Relationship, But Here's How To Deal

Take care of yourself, because we're fast approaching one of the most emotionally challenging and deceptive retrogrades in all of astrology. As of Oct. 5, 2018, Venus — planet of love, romance, luxury, prosperity, and affection — will begin her apparent spin backwards through orbit, taking our hearts with her. Remember that this planet isn't all roses, diamonds, and love letters. Oftentimes, she can be jealous, possessive, and vindictive when she's feeling threatened. And, because Venus retrograde 2018 will begin in Scorpio, an intensely passionate water sign, its effects will find your heart, intuition, and closest relationships.

Because Venus is in retrograde only 7 percent of the time, it's in retrograde less than any other planet in astrology. This, in and of itself, makes its impact on our universe undeniably strong. And, because its shadow period began on Sept. 2, 2018, there's a huge chance you're already feeling its influence. Challenging your ability to give and receive affection, make wise choices with your money, and resist negative temptation, it's wise to avoid committing to love affairs or lofty purchases during this time. When Venus is in retrograde, she's presenting you with opportunities that might seem thrilling at first, but will only lead you toward destruction.

Your Love Life Will Be Put To The Test

Love is a whirlwind of chaos and confusion during Venus retrograde. If you're in a relationship, you might face conflict with your partner that puts your commitment in jeopardy. If you're single, you might be tempted to ignore red flags and give your heart away to someone who isn't trustworthy. There's also a chance that lovers or friends from your past will resurface, totally disrupting life as you know it.

Even though these romantic challenges can be severely damaging, remember that Venus is currently bringing every negative emotion in love to the forefront. She's luring your heart towards danger, and you do have the power to see beyond her ruse. If a situation seems risky, that's because it is. Do your best to avoid toxic temptation during this time and you'll avoid much of the effects of Venus retrograde. Your ex is your ex for a reason. If you're attracted to someone who's clearly an *sshole, do your best to be smart.

Be Cautious With Your Wallet And Don't Overspend

Although Venus is known for being the planet of love, she's also the planet of luxury, and during her retrograde, all that glitters is definitely not gold. You might feel tempted to overspend on things you don't need, giving in to opulence and pleasure when it's not wise, and feeling insecure about your financial state.

If there's a non-essential and overly expensive product you're lusting over, it's wise to hold off on making the purchase until Venus retrograde is over. By the time this haze of deception has dissipated, you might suddenly realize that that product is a total rip off.

If you're feeling ashamed of your financial state during Venus retrograde, trust that it's also because Venus might be making you seem a lot less fortunate than you truly are. Remember that money comes and goes. By no means does your financial state define you. When Venus retrograde has you comparing yourself to the rich and wealthy, try to feel grateful for all that you already have.

Channel Your Feelings Into Creative Expression

All retrogrades are slow, introspective, and contemplative times, but Venus retrograde involves no ordinary introspection. It's a journey through some of the darkest shadows of your heart, and it will have you oscillating between pain and pleasure as though you're riding a dangerous, yet exciting roller coaster ride. This energy can be heavily destructive if it isn't given form or structure. What better a way to channel your emotions than through art, poetry, dance, and self-expression?

The upside of Venus retrograde is that it can also be a wonderfully creative time. Whether you're feeling aroused, angry, or full of heartache during this period, these emotions are the foundation of some of the greatest works of art known to mankind. Use it to create something beautiful and you'll look back on this time fondly.