Mercury Enters Sagittarius On Halloween Night & Here's The Spooky Part

Are you ready for proof that Halloween is bound to be a spooky, horrifying, and unbelievable evening? If you're a dark and twisted soul at heart, then you'll positively adore what the cosmos have in store for our upcoming All Hallows Eve. When Mercury enters Sagittarius on Halloween night 2018, the energy drifting through the air will shift toward something even more mystical, and possibly far more terrifying.

In astrology, Mercury governs your cognitive functions, your ability to communicate, and the logic you use to process information. Every thought and feeling that you have is flushed through Mercury's lens, where this planet then seeks to make sense of everything you experience.

Unfortunately for Mercury, this planet doesn't feel so comfortable when it's in the expansive, reckless, and visionary sign of Sagittarius. Mercury rules over Gemini, which is the opposite sign of Sagittarius in the zodiac wheel, automatically making Mercury in Sagittarius a transit that is in detriment *cue the dramatic music*.

This renders Mercury's power of detail-oriented analysis and rational thinking nearly futile, which means that on Halloween night, all bets are off. However, this is still no excuse to hide for cover. Just because Mercury will be in detriment doesn't mean that Sagittarius won't have something thrilling to offer it. In fact, Sagittarius is so brash, it doesn't give a damn what Mercury thinks.

A Desire For Some Adventure On Halloween

What self-respecting individual plays it safe on Halloween? No, you drag yourself out of bed and face the monsters, baby. A spooky and deranged adventure is exactly what you need on Halloween, and when Mercury enters Sagittarius, you can bet the cosmos will bring it.

This mutable fire sign is symbolized by a determined and fearless archer, pointing its arrow towards the great beyond, searching for trouble. Their perspective is always geared towards a grander journey, skipping over all the boring details and getting right to the good part. If their hearts aren't being swept away by the beauty of a journey, you'll have one bored Sagittarius on your hands.

Use this transit to get into some mischief on Halloween. There's nothing more Sagittarius than to set all the worries and "what ifs" behind before fully embracing what could be. At heart, this zodiac sign is a visionary, and on Halloween, your vision might just come true.

Your Imagination May Get The Best Of You

Fear loves a vivid imagination. In fact, fear can smell a dreamer from a mile away, and it wraps its tentacles around whoever allows their imagination to get the best of them. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, your mind will probably expand with possibilities, and the shadow that whisks by in the corner of your eye — the one that was probably nothing — might seem more like the bogieman coming to collect you at night.

Sagittarius is a dreamer down to their very core. They have a million questions burning through their mind and they'll never stop wondering about the dark side of life. When creepy goblins and malevolent ghosts run rampant on Halloween night, Mercury in Sagittarius might just make you that much more susceptible to their terrifying whims.

However, isn't a little fear the adrenaline rush that Halloween is all about? What would this holiday even be without a startling scream or a unnerving nightmare?

Time To Break The Rules And Strive For Freedom

However, just because Mercury in Sagittarius might help fear latch its claws into you doesn't mean that it won't give you the power to fight back. In fact, Mercury in Sagittarius shatters all inhibitions and breaks down every barrier. All the rules and limitations that normally hold you back will seem easily surmountable, and with this transit influencing the cosmos, there's no way you won't be able to find freedom from your fear.

Perhaps, this Halloween, you'll find that the true monster is you. Maybe, just maybe, you'll become the thing you fear the most. I'm not talking about the tragedy of you transforming into a villain. I'm talking about you looking fear dead in the eye and saying, "I'm scarier." Put on your spookiest ensemble and partake in all the terrifying traditions and eerie extravaganzas. It's fun to be a monster once in a while.