Sarah Drew as April Kepner in Grey's Anatomy.

Sarah Drew Revealed When April Kepner's 'Grey's Anatomy' Return Will Air With A First Look


Dr. April Kepner is back! Well, almost. The fan-favorite was confirmed to make her return this season a month ago, but you may be wondering: When is April Kepner's Grey's Anatomy Season 17 episode? Well, Sarah Drew just revealed the date.

The actor originally exited Grey's Anatomy in Season 14, when she was surprisingly written off the series. But on March 12, the actor confirmed she was officially headed back to Grey Sloan Memorial for a one-episode guest appearance, and now we know when she'll show up! Drew announced the exciting news on Twitter, writing, "We have a date! April is back on @GreysABC Thursday, May 6 at 9/8c on ABC!"

She also shared a photo of her character's return, which features April holding a wine glass and having what seems to be a serious conversation with a mystery man. Could it be her ex-husband Jackson Avery, who's still a major character on the show? Fans were devastated when the pair broke up, but April's return could mean there's hope for them.

And Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, is personally rooting for the two characters to work things out. "They are incredible together," he told Entertainment Tonight in February. "I am a fan [of Drew's] and she is absolutely one of the most special people I've worked with."

He added that he would "love any opportunity for us to continue that story" because Jackson and April "have an ability to communicate and be vulnerable with each other and push each other." But since April is married to Matthew Taylor and Jackson currently has a friends-with-benefits arrangement with Jo Wilson, their reunion is bound to be complicated.

Fans will also have to wait and see exactly why April is returning in the first place. Unlike many of the other former Grey's characters who have come back this season (from Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd to Lexie Grey), April definitely seems to be returning in the real world rather than in Meredith Grey's COVID-induced dream beach. But whether the beloved surgeon is there to help with a patient or to settle personal matters, April's return is going to be one to remember.

Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.