Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy Season 17.

Meredith Has To Choose Between Life & Death In This 'Grey's' Episode 13 Promo


Meredith Grey's battle with COVID-19 has been one of the most emotional Grey's Anatomy storylines in years. As the beloved Grey's character slipped into a coma, she was visited by her late loved ones as she questioned what it would mean to live or die. Now, it seems like fans will finally learn her fate, as the Grey's Anatomy Season 17, Episode 13 promo previews Meredith's big decision.

Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 17, Episode 12 follow. After a grueling fight with the coronavirus, Mere's (Ellen Pompeo) condition has been improving significantly in the last few episodes. She was finally taken off a ventilator, and in Season 17, Episode 11, she even woke up for a few minutes. But as the preview for Season 17, Episode 13 (titled "Good as Hell") shows, she isn't totally out of the woods yet. "Meredith's X-rays have shown a remarkable improvement," Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) says, before Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) asks, "She should be awake. Why isn't she?"

Meanwhile, Meredith is savoring some more dream beach time with her late husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), who she's been inching closer toward throughout the season. Now they're sitting right beside each other, which isn't a great sign for her recovery.

As Derek urges her to stay alive, Meredith brushes him off, insisting, "I want you closer." But as they both know, her getting closer to Derek means she'll never leave the beach alive. Cut to Derek cuddling Mere as they watch the ocean together. Great for MerDer shippers, bad for Meredith's survival chances!

As emotional as Meredith and Derek's beach meeting promises to be, it's somehow not the only storyline viewers can look forward to next week. Here's everything that's going down at Grey Sloan Memorial next episode, according to the official synopsis:

Amidst the need for more surgeons, Jo tries to convince Bailey to let her switch specialties. Elsewhere, Link accuses Amelia of overstepping while he is treating a patient remotely, and Winston comes up with an out-of-the-box idea.

Fans can find out all about Mere's fate when Grey's Anatomy continues on Thursday, April 22, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.