Lululemon's "We Made Too Much" Sale Section Is On Point, But You Need To Shop ASAP

Hi hello, I'm here with an unexpected "Lululemon leggings on sale" alert! ICYMI, there are currently tons of fab pieces on sale on the brand's site as we speak, and if you're curious to know when Lululemon's "We Made Too Much Sale" July 2019 ends, I'm here with all the deets. The luxe activewear line rarely lowers prices, but its overstocked pieces are an exception to the rule, and the selection right now is the best I've ever seen.

Let's rewind and address a few Qs. The first: What is the "We Made Too Much" section? It's a special tab on the Lululemon website devoted to products that were overstocked — aka, the brand made too many pairs in this particular size, that particular colorway et cetera. To remedy this overstock sitch, they sell these pieces at lower prices, so it's a huge win if you can snag something awesome in your desired size and shade. That said, the brand sells quite a bit of product full-price, so they aren't exactly broadcasting this section of their site to shoppers. It's more of an "if you know, you know" sort of sale, capiche? Well, now you know, so let's dive into all the great pieces currently listed.

First, let's discuss how to shop, because in-store is a no-no:

The "We Made Too Much" section only exists on the Lululemon website, so you'll have to do some online shopping to snag the best deals. As for how long the sale lasts, there isn't a hard end date, as the whole thing is basically ongoing. As the brand determinds certain products to be overstocked, they are discounted and added to the tab, and removed when they sell out entirely. Sometimes, the lineup has slim pickings, other times (Like right now!) it's brimming with amazing options. The best products usually sell out fast after being added to the section, so if you see something you like, don't hesitate to buy ASAP.

Exhibit A, the Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28" Mix & Mesh ($79, originally $118,, a black legging with cool mesh cutouts:

I'm only a little salty about these being included in the sale, considering I paid full price for them a few months back, but I can confirm that they're amazing, so if your size is still available, you should definitely snag them.

I never splurge on Lululemon accessories, but I'm debating buying the On My Level Duffel 30L ($99, originally $158, in this discounted, pretty blue shade:

So cute, right? Lululemon bags are spacious and durable, and I could totally see myself using this both at the gym and for weekend trips. Does that multi-use argument justify a purchase? I'm learning towards yes.

Another sale item tempting me is a pair of the Uplift Training Gloves ($29, originally $38,

Workout gloves are the kind of thing I want but definitely don't need, so a sale is the only way I could justify buying them. After all, my palms do tend to get calluses when I'm putting in a lot of time at the squat rack, so maybe I should treat myself! Right??

Keep in mind, all items in the "We Made Too Much" category are listed as Final Sale, so don't impulse-buy anything if you're worried about having Shopper's Remorse later. That said, if you already know your size and love Lululemon's fabrics, then by all means, shop away.