I'm Burning Up For KKW Beauty's New Sooo Fire Collection

Is there anything more exciting than a new eyeshadow palette just in time for summer? What about a whole new collection?? If you thought The Body Collection was all Kim Kardashian would be serving up this summer, the news of yet another lineup most likely has you wondering when KKW Beauty's Sooo Fire Collection drops. Spoiler alert: This collection is red-hot, and no other warm-toned neutrals can compare.

Seriously, though. I was not expecting a new drop from KKW Beauty this summer — the hot-of-the-presses body makeup launch was a huge success, and I was sure the brand would ride the body wave all summer long, debuting a new face and eye collection come fall. However, we've been blessed with a new line that's straight-up fire, and I mean that as literally as possible. "Introducing our new Sooo Fire Collection," wrote Kardashian on the brand's Instagram. "The collection includes a fiery 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette, 3 Eyeliners in a never-before-seen metallic finish and 3 Glosses with a brand new formula."

The collection goes live on July 19 at 12PM PST, and I already know I want it all:

Warm-toned neutrals were everything back in 2018, so TBH, this palette does feel a little ~random~, but I can't lie, it's gorgeous nonetheless. Kardashian doesn't often go for a colorful look, but when she does, she really nails it.

This pinky-red glam by Mario Dedivanovic on Kim is one of my all-time faves:

And to promote the collection, she's paired a vivid orange eye with platinum strands:

KKW Beauty

Looooove love love. She looks hot, literally! First up in the collection is the Sooo Fiery Eyeliner Trio ($25, originally $30,

If you're not into all three metallic shades, you can snag any of the Sooo Fire Eyeliners ($10, individually as well, but these colors are so rich and pigmented, I guarantee you'll want the trio.

The self-explanatory shade names are "Yellow Gold," "Rust," and "Copper":

KKW Beauty

Moving right along, let's talk about the palette. Or, should I say, the 🔥 palette 🔥. I don't love that Kardashian is smoking a matchstick (?) on the packaging, but the hues inside are stunning nonetheless.

The Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette ($45, includes ten incendiary shades:

They're all named with volcanic references, from "Pele's Curse" to "Molten Magma":

KKW Beauty

Rounding out the collection is the Sooo Fire Gloss Trio ($42, originally $54,

Surprised to see no lipsticks, but I'm not mad, because these shades are bomb. The Sooo Fire Glosses ($18,, which can also be purchased separately, come in vibrant orange "Flammable," peachy nude "Radiate," and multi-dimensional golden brown "Extinguish." I'm curious to try out the new gloss formula!

There's a gloss for every mood, and I'm here for it:

KKW Beauty

If you're loving the entire collection, you can snag the Sooo Fire Bundle ($115, originally $129, to save some coin:

Okay, so yeah, I'll be buying the bundle. No, I don't need another warm-toned neutrals palette in my collection, but I want one, so don't try and stop me. That's that on that! Shout out to Kim for keeping the girls looking glam this summer from head to toe.