Kim K Used The New KKW Beauty Body Foundation On Grandma MJ & The Formula Is No Joke

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a Kim K stan, I can admit it doesn't take much to get me excited over a new product, but even the most doubtful beauty-lovers are giving her new body line major props, most likely as a result of the many application videos she's been posting to her feed. Seeing a product in action is way more enticing than just seeing the final results in a gorgeous promo shot, am I right? Watching models amp up their glow using the Liquid and Loose Body Shimmers on Kardashian's Instagram has convinced me to buy both formulas, and even skeptics are committing to buying the range after Kim Kardashian used KKW Beauty Body Foundation on Grandma MJ to cover the visibleveins on her arms. The before and after is un — wait for it — real, and even though I personally think MJ looks fab every damn day of the week, the product's magic was evident, and even she was blown away by the coverage and finish.

If you don't know who MJ (also known as Mary Jo, like the lip kit) is, then shame on you for not watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians regularly enough. At 84 years young, MJ is both Kris Jenner's mother and a beloved matriarch to the entire Kardashian clan, known for her sweet demeanor, her quick wit, and her love of regular afternoon tea dates with Scott Disick. The two are my favorite series regulars, FYI.

MJ was also a KKW Beauty model, and she joined her daughter and granddaughter in donning blonde wigs for the concealer and powder campaign back in March 2018:

This time around, though, Kardashian has enlisted her grandma to model for the brand in a totally different way. KKW Beauty just recently announced their new Body Collection, featuring both pigmented and shimmer body products to enhance your summer tan and glow, respectively.

TBH, the entire line looks incredible:

And Kardashian has been posting tons of application videos on her personal account, to show how well the products work in action:

For the most part, these videos show models applying the products onto their already-incredible skin. So to show how well the Skin Perfecting Body Foundation ($45, really covers, Kardashian enlisted the help of MJ to demonstrate a more drastic Before and After.

"My grandma MJ asked me about my Body Makeup and wanted me to come over to help cover her veins," wrote Kardashian in the caption of her Instagram video. "North & I went straight to her house & showed her exactly how to use it & I love how happy she is with the results!"

Here's the video, and you can swipe to see the final Before and After:

Okay, talk about a job well done! This stuff really covers, and I love that MJ is digging her new look! "Oh my goodness, look at the difference!" she exclaims as Kim applies the product. "It hides all the purple," she notes, before quickly adding, "Not that I don't like purple." I love this woman, and she must be protected at all costs.

During the video and within her caption, Kardashian also discusses transfer, since many people (Including MJ!) had questions about such a pigmented product staying all day:

"Let’s talk about the transfer," Karadshian wrote in her caption. "I’ve been using body makeup for over a decade now and in my experience you either get coverage that doesn’t transfer but it’s super dry and looks fake or its the opposite and really moisturizing but completely transfers." She goes on to note that her formula tries to nail a happy medium. "My new @kkwbeauty Body Makeup is in between. If you let it dry before putting your clothes on it transfers way less and if you set it with a translucent powder it hardly transfers at all. It was important to keep the skin looking flawless yet natural."

She recommends setting skin with a translucent powder — of course, KKW Beauty carries a Baking Powder ($18, that would do the trick:

"In the transfer video we didn’t have translucent powder but tried one of my pressed powders and that worked pretty good too!" Kim wrote in her caption. The video shows Kardashian using a paper towel to test out the transfer, and MJ is quick to note that it appears the only thing really staining the paper towel is the pigmented powder. "My body foundation really evens out and corrects your skin tone and conceals veins and bruises," the caption continues on, "My formula is super creamy, hydrating and long lasting!"

I was already convinced I needed the products, so these videos just sealed the deal:

If you want to have ~flawless~ skin like MJ, you can snag the Skin Perfecting Body Foundation and the rest of the Body Collection when it drops on June 21 on the KKW Beauty site.