KKW Beauty's Body Collection Is Dropping Soon, So Get Ready To Shine

Greetings, it is I, Kim K's number one fan and avid KKW Beauty lover, here to spill all the deets on a brand new collection I never saw coming. If you've seen the brand's Instagram posts, you're probably wondering when the KKW Beauty Body Collection drops — especially if, like me, you're eager to achieve a bronzy, glowy bod this summer.

Whenever I see Kim K doing her thing for a photoshoot, I'm always impressed by her Mario Dedivanovic-perfected face makeup, of course, but I also can't help but notice that her body is equally as glammed-up. She loves a bronzed décolletage and a glossy leg, people! I've tried my fair share of body glows, self tanners, and shimmer oils in the past, but nothing has given me the signature Kardashian bronze I craved, until now. "I’ve been working on these formulas for over a year now and I’m so happy with how creamy and blendable they all are," Kardashian said in her Instagram post debuting the Body Collection. "You can layer the formulas together or use them individually to achieve how much coverage and shimmer you want," she explained, "I can’t wait for you guys to try this collection!!"

If it gets me glowing like any of the goddesses in the promo images, then sign me up, Kimmie!

The first product in the collection is the Skin Perfecting Body Foundation ($45, coming soon to, available in seven shades:

All of the shades appear to be warm-toned so as to suit a bronzy vibe, but they're also totally matte, since not everyone wants to look like they bathed in glitter.

However, I do, which is why I'll be buying the Skin Perfecting Body Shimmer ($35, coming soon to

For this product, think Fenty Beauty Body Lava vibes, but less of a liquid and more of a thick gel or cream. It's available in three different glowy tones: icy "Pearl," true "Gold," and tanned "Bronze."

If you're not into cream formulas, though, you can also opt for the Loose Shimmer Powder For Face & Body ($27, coming soon to

This glitzy powder comes in the same three shades as the Body Shimmer, "Pearl," "Gold," and "Bronze," and in addition to using it as a highlighter on the face, you can swipe it on the front of the legs, across the collarbone, down the décolletage, atop the shoulders, and pretty much anywhere else you want to glow. For me, that's everywhere, TBH.

And to apply all this bronzy, glowy goodness, there's a Body Brush ($32, coming soon to, natch:

OK OK, I've teased you enough! Let's talk release date. All the products have already been posted on the KKW site, so you can browse and pick out your must-haves, but they won't be shoppable until June 21 at 12PM PST. After that, catch me living my best, most bronzed life, because you know I'll be rocking all of the above on an everyday basis. Call me Kim K, because I'm here for a good glow this summer!