Even If It's Too Late To Get Cuffed For Cuffing Season, You Can Still Start A Relationship

by Jamie Kravitz

Cuffing season officially comes to an end when winter does, which is March 20. So when is it too late to get cuffed for cuffing season? At what point should you stop trying to find a cuff? I'd like to preface this article by saying that you can, of course, begin a fulfilling relationship at any time during the year, so there shouldn't ever be any pressure to meet a "deadline" or lock something down by a specific date. You shouldn't feel like you need to be in a relationship before Valentine's Day, so definitely don't rush into one for the sole purpose of being cuffed come Feb. 14.

That being said, in general, Valentine's Day does mark the last lap of cuffing season. Everyone in the running has pretty much reached the finish line, so jumping into the race at this point doesn't really make sense. Once V-Day has come and gone, may be a little too late to find someone by March, at which point winter ends, and the cuffing craze begins to calm down. However, it also really depends on where you live. If it's still freezing in March, holing up with someone and watching movies all the time is going to feel a lot like you're cuffed.

Regardless of whether or not it's still technically cuffing season, though, you can meet someone. If you want a relationship, it shouldn't matter what time of year it is. So here are four dating goals to either use immediately to secure a quick cuff before the snow starts melting away and to set in the new year anyway, since these goals can still apply no matter what the weather is like outside.

1. Set Reminders To Check Your Apps And Messages

Use your phone, calendar, planner, or even sticky notes. However you keep track of things you need to do, add reminders to check your dating apps. It might feel silly, but this way, you won't forget to respond to people. This is especially important for apps such as Bumble, The League, and JSwipe, where inactive matches and chats expire after a set amount of time. Setting aside time for dating apps makes it a part of your daily routine, increasing your chances of meeting someone you like.

2. Ask Around

Talk to your friends, your sorority sisters, or your actual siblings (if they are in relationships) and ask them to double date with you. Have the person's partner bring a friend, and plan to go out for drinks, just the four of you. Meeting at a bar keeps the situation casual, while having mutual friends there can help break the ice with someone new.

3. Be Brave

Set daily or weekly goals to help get you out of your comfort zone when it comes to dating. Whether you plan to give your number to one new person a week, or talk to the first cute person you see each day, what is scary at first will get easier for you over time. Sure, you might feel awkward, but what if you meet your new partner this way? That would make for a pretty great story.

4. Get Creative

If your first message to a match is always some variation of "Hey, what's up?" that could be your problem. Change up your opening lines on dating apps, and you should see results. Use a cute or funny GIF, try a pick-up line, or mention something you see in one of their pictures or read in their bio. The more memorable your message, the more likely the person is to respond, and the better your conversation will be.

Forget about cuffing season for a while, and just focus on putting yourself out there. The more active you are on dating apps and IRL, the greater your chances are of finding a relationship.

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