When Does Burger Kind's Winter Whopperland Game End? You'll have all of December to play, but this d...

Play Burger King's Instant Win Game Soon For A Chance To Win A Free Vacation

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Burger King announced its new instant win game on Dec. 4, but when does Burger King's Winter Whopperland game end? You'll want to get in on the action before the prizes are all distributed, because the official end date of BK's fun giveaway is Dec. 31, but it could end sooner if all the game pieces are given out before then.

With so many prizes and phenomenal odds, you'll want to play before the game is up. BK says that the instant win game offers a one-in-three chance of winning a prize, and there are over 41 million Instant Win prizes up for grabs. While you may not win some of the larger prizes from prize list, like a trip to Costa Rica, a 50-inch TV, a 2020 Jeep Renegade, or a four-night stay at a Beaches Resort, you won't know until you try — besides, someone has to win, right? Personally, though, one of my fave prize offerings is the chance to win free Whoppers for a year, because who wouldn't want a year's worth of free food?

BK also has plenty of other prizes, like free food, BK merch, and cash prizes. When you enter you enter your non-food Instant Win code in the BK app or on the BK website, you'll automatically be entered for the $35,000 grand prize sweepstakes.

Courtesy of Burger King

To play the BK Winter Whopperland game, just go into a Burger King near you between Dec. 4 and Dec. 31, buy a small, medium, or large drink or an order of fries. The gameplay codes will be on the packaging of these items. Once you've got one, peel it off, check your code, and then enter it into the Burger King app or, depending on if it is a food prize or a game play code. If you want to know which grand prize is up for grabs before you play, you can check Burger King's website to verify, as BK is announcing a different one daily.

You can also play without purchasing by going to the game website before Dec. 31. To do so, just enter your information and you'll be given two codes via email. Enter the codes using the app or BK's website to see if you're a winner.