Huda Beauty's Dropping 3 Nude Eyeshadow Palettes & They're Gorg

When I first tried Huda Beauty's New Nude Palette, I fell in love with the way the brand defined the idea of nude and reinvented it with a range of to-die-for pinky neutral shades. When the brand then launched a trio of Neon Obsessions Palettes, I was again impressed, this time by the convenience of the packaging and design in addition to the well-planned color stories. Now, the brand has combined the best of their two most popular eyeshadow drops and created something totally new, leaving me with the following question: When do the Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palettes drop? If you haven't seen all the newness the brand has in store, get ready, because you're about to be obsessed.

Like I said, I've always preferred the New Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($65, over Huda's smaller, more colorful Obsessions palettes, simply because I'm a neutral-loving gal. That said, the Obsessions palettes and their compact, travel-friendly size did leave me minorly resenting my beloved yet oversized New Nude. With this in mind, imagine the sheer joy I experienced while scrolling through Instagram this morning, when I came upon the news that Huda Beauty would be dropping a trio of neutral Obsessions palettes. I audibly gasped.

The brand has been teasing something new over the past few days:

And finally, that something has arrived. Behold what the brand calls the "first ever nude palettes inspired by each skin tone":

Huda Beauty/Instagram

Wow, wow, wow. At first glance, I knew right away all three palettes would be best-sellers, but I fell even more in love when I read about the meaning behind the color stories on the Huda Beauty Blog. "When we created our New Nude palette, we wanted to recreate what nude is," the blog post began. "During this process, we realized how different the perfect nude eyeshadow is for every skin tone; a ‘nude’ lipstick for a fairer skin tone wouldn’t look nude on me, and the same goes for eyeshadow and other makeup products," the HB team wrote. From there came the idea to tackle nude eyeshadows, and find the right shades for each and every skin tone.

And so, Nude Light, Nude Medium, and Nude Rich were born:

Huda Beauty

"...Using our vast knowledge of undertones and tones from our complexion products, we created three palettes each with the perfect nude collection for each skin tone, plus something a little bit different," the HB Team continued on in the blog post. They are quick to note that shoppers can obvi snag whatever palette speaks to them most, but hope the categorization makes it easier for them to determine the best nudes for their complexion.

Moving from lightest to darkest, let's take a look at pale pinky Nude Light. Swipe through the carousel for shades and swatches:

Next up is Nude Medium, with a warmer, more terracotta color palette:

And finally, Nude Rich rounds out the collection, with a bevy of berry nudes:

The brand has already begun posting a variety of different looks, showing how models of different skin tones can utilize their corresponding palettes:

This is such a fun, creative launch, and I seriously can't wait to shop these palettes and swatch them IRL. That said, I'll have to wait until they go live on October 9, when they'll be available for purchase on the Huda Beauty website.