The Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palettes Are Summer In Eyeshadow Form, & They Launch So Soon

Before 2019, I reserved any and all neon makeup and attire for EDM concerts, Halloween costumes, and themed college parties. Suddenly, though, the trend is on the rise, and I've found myself bookmarking a neon orange winged liner here, a blown-out neon pink smoky eye there. If you've also become a fan of the look and want to try it out IRL, you're probably wondering when the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palettes drop, since each is literally a one-stop shop for a bomb neon look. Fortunately, Huda Kattan isn't making her fans wait look for these babies, because my summer will not officially start until I've got a neon eye look perfected.

To be honest, my palette drawer is kinda overflowing at the moment, and I had myself on a strict no-buy until Huda Beauty debuted these three gorgeous color stories. The only bad part? I went from not buying any palettes at all, to not being able to decide between three — I might end up buying them all, but please, don't judge me. Let's hope the neon trend lasts, because I plan to lean in hard with the help of the Neon Obsessions Palettes.

Like, hi, can you pick a favorite? It's like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. I refuse to choose:

Huda Beauty/YouTube

Kattan announced the palette trio on the Huda Beauty Instagram, and honestly, my heart stopped:

"I got inspiration for these babies from fashion," Kattan dished in the Instagram caption, "I have been obsessing over everything neon for a year now & had to come out with these GORGEOUS palettes!" On the Huda Beauty blog, Kattan shared even more about how her love of fashion fueled the unique color stories, adding that her passion for neon began when her hubby gifted her a vintage neon Chanel bag. I can't relate, but I'm super jealous.

Kattan's recent OOTDs really do look like these palettes in outfit form:

Huda Beauty

TBH, I wish all brands had blogs like Huda Beauty — readers really get a behind-the-scenes look at the products, and Kattan always includes detailed swatches, as well as deets on her fave shades and more.

According to the blog, the Neon Pink Obsessions Palette is Kattan's favorite:

Huda Beauty

"This is my absolute fave palette!" she dishes, and since these shades are definitely the most ~wearable~ out of all three palettes, you can really get creative with where and how you apply them. "The shimmers look stunning as a highlighter on the tops of cheekbones," advises Kattan, "or you can swirl a powder brush in the palette for a bold, shimmering blush look." Clever! Multi-use capability makes justifying my splurge way, way easier.

The Neon Orange Obsessions Palette is the one that most screams "summertime," if you ask me:

Huda Beauty

Seriously, I would've never known how versatile these palettes were until I read the blog post. Thank me later for relaying Kattan's tips! "I love to wear this palette everywhere on my face!" Kattan writes. "The tropical shades look stunning as blusher along the tops of cheekbones, and the matte shades are perfect for wearing on top of lipsticks for a bold matte finish," she insists. Trying that ASAP.

Last but not least, the Neon Green Obsessions Palette is so juicy and crisp:

Huda Beauty

"I love this mix of nude and neon shades!" writes Kattan on the blog. "The duochrome pigments look so beautiful as highlighters, while the pink shade makes the perfect summer blush!" she raves. This is definitely the most low-key out of the three when it comes to actual neon shades, but the lime green pop paired with any of the buttery, shimmery hues would really make a statement.

We've already covered that these palettes are stunning, so now, let's talk launch date. On May 30, all three palettes will be shoppable on the Huda Beauty site, and come June 7, you can snag them in stores at Sephora. Personally, I'll be buying all three on May 30, but if you're a normal human being with self-control (can't relate!), I advise hitting up Sephora on June 7 and swatching to select your fave.